Why selling your house is so annoying

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Its the showings.
Its the people that want to come look at your house during naptime.
or dinnertime.
or bedtime.
Its the finding some place to go with a baby and a dog while someone shows your house.

Some place that is both safe and not overstimultaing for both a toddler and a dog.
When I'm by myself, that means driving around aimlessly with said parties in the car sleeping/screaming and hanging his head out the window/licking my face.
But when Uch was visiting it meant semi-fun trips to let Bullet drag us all over Presque Isle.
And trips to public playgrounds while I walked Bullet around the block.

Its the trying to keep the house clean with a sticky-fingered toddler and a wet nose dog.
Do you know the amount of glass within sticky-fingered and wet nose reach at our house!?!

Its the semi-moving out but still needing to keep your yard trimmed and beautiful after literally 4 weeks of rain.

seriously - that's like knee high

who is raking that?

Its the driving 3 hours back to the house on a day off with your husband to redo the mulch in the front and back flowerbeds.

 Its the waiting for an offer.
Yea, its mostly the waiting for the offer.

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  1. I know exactlyyyy where you're at...minus the baby. I remember doing that almost 2 years ago and Nile was living in MD already. People want to see your house at the most inconvenient times. I watched A LOT of HGTV/Sell This House type shows! Good luck! I feel for you!