home is when i'm alone with you

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here's all the reasons why I should be curled up in the fetal position crying in the corner; so overwhelmed that I don't even want to wake up in the morning:

1. we (bud, me, greyson, bullet, two cats, and four fish) are living in my friend's chalet (hi, Katie!) at Blue Knob temporarily with 1/4 of all our belongings with no washer/dryer or garbage service
2. we still haven't sold our house in ERie
3. we are still house hunting a new house
4. greyson stepped on my work computer screen and now I have to lug a full size moniter around with me to work from my laptop
5. internet is spotty at the chalet (as is cell phone reception) which means everyday I am hauling: greyson, diaper bag, work supplies, laptop, full size moniter, and sometimes bullet to our parents' houses (45 mins away) to work
6. we still have 2 weddings, 1 wedding shower, 1 bachelor party, 2 bachelorettes, the beer olympics, and one 10 year hs reunion planned for this summer
7. that's not including the 3 weddings, 1 first year birthday party, 1 wedding shower, 1 bachelor party, and 1 hs senior banquet to hand out our scholarship that we've already done since April.
8. Grey is getting his molars
9. Healthy lifestyle May turned out to be a bust (ugh)
10. we are both working full time

Here's why I'm not curled up in the fetal position crying in the corner; so overwhelmed that I don't even want to wake up in the morning:

1. we have a place to live altogether (THANK YOU, Katie!!!)with parents' that let us do our laundry & drop off our garbage whenever we want
2. we still have house showings on a regular basis and have an open house coming up
3. we have a great realtor that totally "gets us" and has been flexible enough to deal with our last minute requests and crazy schedules
4.my bosses promptly replied, "just get a moniter and we'll worry about getting your computer fixed soon" (hi & thank you, Tracey & Keith!)
5. lack of internet means less creepy facebook stalking and pinterest obessing
6. we have amazing friends
7. we have amazing friends
8. Grey is healthy and growing
9. Brandon thinks I'm beautiful anyway
10. we both have full time jobs

Life is as happy and full as you decide to view it. Jack Johnson says, Take the picture from the pretty side. truth in lyrics.

The song Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros has become my anthem. At anytime I start thinking that life is too much and I want to start a self pity party - I turn this song up (in the chalet or in the car) and sing loud and proud. Home really is whenever I'm with them.

and I used this version because I don't know if I've ever seen anything sweeter than these two.

If the mummie can keep it together, everyone can keep it together. I'm one determined mummie.

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  1. Um I can NOT stop stalking Pinterest now. I should be sleeping tabitha thankyouverymuch.