Erin & Justin and the weekend of fun

Thursday, June 2, 2011

After a three hour drive home from Erie to Johnstown; while Tash and I re-worked the FIVE green & speckled frog song to TWENTY green & speckled frog song (while giggling hysterically) to keep Grey from screaming crying; we dropped Tash off at my parents’ and Grey off at B’s parents and headed to the CV senior banquet to give out our scholarship award. Friday was an eventful day filled with work, followed by house hunting in Hollidaysburg/Altoona area…only to come out with a total bust and no luck in that area. Bummer. After our house hunting extravaganza, it was back to my parent’s house to celebrate a fake Mother’s day, since we weren’t with our mother on the actual holiday. What does our wacky family do on a fake mother’s day?

We take weird photo shoots
Chum devises strange games for Booboo to play
Uch bakes a cake and then we all sing an unrehearsed but oddly on-key rendition of Happy Birthday turned Happy Mother's day tune

And we try to lift my mom to the ceiling while playing light as a feather, stiff as a board and then crack up laughing (and nearly drop said mother on fake mother's day) because the only honest look in the room that was on Frannie's face that she didn't know what in the hell we were doing or why we all knew how to play this ridiculous game -  was just too funny to keep playing with phony serious expressions.  (no photos of this portion of the night...thank goodness.)

Happy Mother's day, Abba!
 On Saturday, Brandon somehow persuaded Jordan and Dad to wake up at four in the morning to do a little turkey hunting, while the girls and booboo all got to sleep in.

he already wants to be just like his daddy!
Around 9:30a, we started our way down West Point Road to participate in the annual Mineral Point Road clean-up efforts orchestrated by our friend (and former vball coach) Sybil (hi, Coach Sybil!) So we spent the morning in latex gloves pulling pop bottles turned chew spitters out of ditches. Welcome to western PA. It felt good though to get my body moving and doing something both productive and kind to Mother Earth.

Later that day, we were honored to attend Erin & Justin’s wedding at the Raystown Conference Center the second week of May.

It was Grey’s first wedding in over six months and he enjoyed the heck out of himself. He also thought he was a grown man and that he could dress up like Justin Timberlake. 

Erin, from here on out to be referred to as Weller (even though that’s not her last name anymore) and I played volleyball together at Susquehanna and even studied abroad together in Costa Rica (hi, Wells!) It had a been a long time since we’ve seen each other, but I was so happy to be there to celebrate her beautiful day…and I threw out a few foghorns for old times sake when they were announced to the reception. Hah, just couldn’t help myself.

We were also happy to spend the evening talking and catching up with my SUVB girls, Marissa and Kerri.

We miss you Weaves!  Sending our SUVB love all the way to Copenhagen!
Karpy and Matt were there too – Karp was a bridesmaid-

and Grey even got to play under the table fort with his bff, Matt.

Besides making friends with total strangers at every single table, and devouring the chocolate fountain table, Grey also took the dance floor by storm. He had one glimpse of the flashing lights and disco ball and he was captivated. At one point, he was the only person on the dance floor, arms over his head, and shaking his booty like he just don’t care. If anyone had any doubt that he had any of “me” in him; that vanished with the sight of his silly dance moves without a care in the world if anyone else was dancing with him.

We had a great night at the reception and then got to have a long, gabby breakfast with the SU girls (and Grey!) in the morning before we all drove/flew/took trains back to our respective homes around the country (Blue Knob/Baltimore/Philly/Denver). It was so great to spend a weekend with old friends. Congrats Wells & Justin!!

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  1. Ahhh! We made the blog! So exciting. We were so glad to see you and meet Greyson (and check out his awesome dance moves...I think he could teach Justin a thing or two)! Thanks so much for coming! Wishing you and yours a quick, easy move back to Central PA.