Memorial Day weekend 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We had a very busy and fun Memorial day weekend. We’re actually going to call it Idldewild/Petrunak Wedding/Koch Wedding Shower/Marianne’s Birthday/Memorial Day weekend…from here on out referred to as “IPKMM weekend.” As suggested by the acronym the weekend started out for Greyson with a trip to Idlewild with his Grammie & Pappy Studer. It was Grey’s first trip to Idlewild; which is favorite childhood amusement park. Grey got to stroll through Storybook forest and (his favorite) play with the balls in the playground. He also crashed out and got some sweet pizza (among other spoiling) with his grandparents. Such a lucky little guy.

While Grey was having the time of his life at Idlewild, B and I attended our friend, Danny’s wedding. Brandon and Danny worked together all through high school at Stuver’s Nursery and have been friends ever since. It was a gorgeous reception and a really good time. I completely forgot my camera all together – but take my word for it; the place looked beautiful and we looked hot. Hah

On Sunday, we made a trip out to Apollo, PA for Uncle Jonny and Ninny’s wedding shower. My boys came along too, since Uncle Jonny was going to need some company while the girls oohed and ahhed over wedding presents. The wedding shower was beautiful and Ninny got so many nice things. The top secret Memslide that I had my sister make was a huge hit and a surprise. (A memslide is a video of photographers set to music. See my sister’s website here. – hi, Tash!)

After the shower, we loaded up our truck and helped unpack all the new presents at Jon & Linds’ new house. It looks great already and will be ready for move-in after the wedding! We all went out to dinner and Grey chowed down on some pizza and then crashed out on the way back to Blue Knob.

Memorial Day Monday was celebrated with lunch and birthday cake at Grammie & Pappy’s. (Don’t forget – the double M’s in IPKMM stands for Marianne’s Birthday AND Memorial Day!) Grey had a heck of a time being sprayed and getting drinks from the hose.

Then it was over to Abba & Poppa Chum’s house for more Memorial Day celebrations. Grey did a little swimming in the splash pool and hanging with his pals.

Although we had a very busy IPKMM weekend – we did not forget what the real reason behind the weekend means. We are so grateful to all of those brave men and women who have donned a uniform for our country. Thank you for being brave enough to do what you were willing to do – so that we can freely do whatever it is that we want to do. Our freedom is because of you and a million thank yous (or a million photo shoots of my baby and dog) will never be enough to explain our gratitude. But we’ll keep saying thank you…and I’ll keep taking the pictures anyway.

Especially thank you to our favorite heroes, we love you and we're honored to know you.

Kayla Adams, Michael Jurich, R. Jason Hardwick, Al Mesaros, Tausha Studer, Cara Studer, Matt Hagerich, Melanie Uzelac, Albert Rummel, Tyler Ribblett, Mallie Stephens, Kevin Turner, Justin Yingling, Amber Burkhart

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