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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If I had a most used word counter (like they do in facebook statuses at the end of the year), mine would like this on a daily basis...

I have caught on fairly slowly that the main job of being a mom is making people do things they don't want to do the whole day; most often yourself.  haha.

As you can see from the big word "ball" above, Greyson is currently in a ball obsession phase; which of course makes his daddy sublimely happy being the athlete that he is/was.  All day long he says, "ball," and points at anything remotely shaped like a ball (a cantaloupe, grapes, plastic easter eggs).  The problem with the ball obsession is that Bullet has also been in a ball obsession for his whole life.  So when Grey has a ball, Bullet tries to steal it anytime Grey pitches it across the room.  When Bullet has one of his balls, Grey will stick his whole hand in Bullet's mouth to pull it out (luckily for us, Bullet let's Grey do this without any snipping or growling.  Even though Bullet is in general a freak, we are very grateful for the way he acts towards booboo).  The ball obsession is also why we are having a ball birthday party!

We are also currently practicing the names of parts of the face.  Grey has nose down solid.  He can point to our noses, Bullet's nose, and stuff animal noses.  Eyes aren't quite there yet, but I'm a little thankful for that because I just got a full blown, straight finger into the eye socket this morning.  With tears in my eyes and a grimace on my face I forced out an enthusiastic, that's right, booboo, eye.  Oh, parenting.  Teeth is finally starting to sink in since I pulled back Bullet's jowls and pointed to his enormous spiky teeth and Grey thought it was the funniest thing on the planet. 

*If interested, my word bubble above was created by http://www.wordle.net/ I came across their website at the suggestion of a magazine once and find it slightly addicting and adorable.  The suggestion in the magazine was to create word bubbles as gifts for graduations/mother's day/father's day/birthdays, etc.  So, you can create word bubbles that say the characteristics about the person (beautiful, kind, generous, patient, etc) 

It's fairly easy to use; you type in words you want to be included -any space will be considered the start of a new word.  The more times you type a word, the bigger it will be on the final bubble.   If you want to make a phrase, place a ~ (tilda) between the words in the phrase.  If you want to go back and edit your bubble, you'll have to start from scratch; so copy your word list before selecting "go" to make your bubble.  (check their FAQ for more helpful tips).

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