Flour sandbox; YouCapture: Vibrance

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

With spring still no where in sight in northern Pennsylvania (its actually snowing as I type this) but the sun really trying its hardest to come out - we've now moved to the sunroom for every afternoon this week to play.  We are just aching for some vitamin D.  Earlier this week, when booboo was especially cranky and Bullet was especially barky and mummie was especially headachey... I took a cue from one of my favorite mommas and crafted up a flour sandbox for Greyson.  The sunroom is just a concrete floor, aka super easy to clean up, so I could've cared less when Grey started making a mess the size of Texas.

This week's You Capture challenge at IShouldbeFoldingLaundry is vibrance...and it wasn't that the room was full of color that day, or so much action happening, but that I could see the vibrance in his eyes.  His little brain motor was going about a mile a minute and he really treated that little flour sandbox like it was his real job. 

Browse more examples of vibrance here.


  1. Your baby is so sweet! OH MY GOODNESWS! I love that you played in flour! How much fun is that? It looks like he had a great time! I live in Pennsylvania as well and I am not too happy about the snow storm they are calling for tomorrow morning!

  2. Oh, such a sweet expression of concentration on his face! He's beautiful!! And you are such a good mom for letting him play in flour. ;) BTW, rice is a lot of fun--my kids found it very satisfying for to spend loads of time pouring rice from cup to cup. (Easy to pull off inside, too, with the table cloth underneath.) I hope you have spring-like weather SOON!

  3. Great idea! He is SO cute!! <3