like fresh air

Monday, March 21, 2011

that is what this vacation has felt like to my heart; fresh air.  I noticed a difference as soon as we got to the airport on Saturday morning.  We were waiting in line for the security check-in and B put his hand on my lower back.  for no reason.  he just reached out and intentionally touched me; held on to the bottom of my shirt; and we stood like that, not saying anything to each other.  It was the smallest, most insignificant gesture but it restarted a little light inside of my heart.  As minutes went by, I found myself leaning in a little closer  and putting my hand over his heart while I talked to him.  He attempted to make fun of my breakfast order because its so predictable and I thought, is that my husband flirting with me at 7:30 in the morning?  The thing that was so startling obvious was our moments of intentional touches; I'm not being inappropriate here, I mean we were reaching out to each other for no other reason than to be close together.  In normal life, between the dog and the baby and the errands and the chores, we have spent the last year and a half operating under the effort of chaos control.  Brandon's hand will glide past mine while we transfer the baby to each other.  I wipe away baby food from his cheek that Grey just threw on him.  He grabs my waist to steady me as Bullet pushes past me to get outside.  Most of the time, its unintentional...but only minutes into our trip, we slid right back into the small touches that make you feel like a teenager again.  We were holding hands without transfering a baby, he brushed away my hair from my face without any traces of baby food, I rubbed his back without having to wipe away dirty Bullet paws; just because we honestly wanted to be close to each other.

While on the way to Chiang Mai, we woke up on the sleeper train and got situated in our seats for about another hour before we arrived.  I had my feet propped up on Brandon's seat and was watching the sunrise over the northern countryside of Thailand.  Brandon was reading through our Lonely Planet Thailand book (yes, reading!!) and looked up at me and said, "Did you read here about the massage place in Chiang Mai where they only hire blind employees because they believe their other senses are heightened and it makes them better at giving massages?"...There I was, sitting on a train, in a country I've always wanted to visit, with the sunrise outside of the window, and my husband was reading to me about something he knew I would like to learn about...It was just about the most romantic moment of my life.

On the Friday before we came back home, we were both kind of pooped from all the traveling and we were missing booboo pretty bad.  So after our cooking class, we went to the park and layed around on our mat for almost two hours.  I read a little and B did some people watching.  We ate yummy chocolate sticks from the concession stand and teased each other about stupid stuff.  It was such a simple afternoon, but one of my favorite memories in Thailand.

But my favorite married moment in Thailand was on Thursday, we heartily celebrated St. Patrick's day on the sleeper train with multiple cans of Chang beer.  For some reason, most of the passengers wanted to go to sleep at like 7p, so since we were both in upper berths that night (the top bunks), we needed to comply with our lower berth counterparts and get the beds made up.  You'll notice in my train pics that the upper berths are a little small; so we are each in our respective upper bunks across from each other and drinking Changs and challenging each other in Scramble on the itouch.  Everything was hilarious (as it usually is after multiple beers and when you're supposed to be quiet) and when Brandon realized that he had all the snack in his bunk...he said, great, I'm going to be minced meat by the morning with all the roaches this food is going to attract in my berth. Well that was about the most hilarious thing I had ever heard in my entire life and we both started giggling so much that neither of us could say a word for at least 3 minutes. We just were staring at each other across the train in our upper bunks laughing hysterically while holding our own mouths since almost everyone else on the train was sleeping. oh my husband; my funny best friend.

and now, if you still haven't had enough mushy love story yet - please hold back gagging enjoy some _________* photos of us.
*please fill in your choice of adjective (silly/adorable/obnoxious/cheesy)

we like taking pictures of ourselves like we're still teenagers or something.  hah.  We missed booboo so much, but we will be better parents to him because we had this time alone together.  One of the best things we can do for him is love each other.  We have to work on it everyday, but we're happy to do the work.   Thanks for going on a real life adventure with me, Brandon.  I love you.


  1. i think this is a beautiful post, something you'll be able to look back at when you're irritated with whatever or when you're old and grey :) hurrah for your adventure together and joyfullness for the love you and brandon share

  2. Tab, this looks like the trip of a lifetime!! So glad you could share it with us! And it looks like Grayson got lots of lovin' :)

  3. This is so beautiful & sweet. I'm glad that you two were able to have such a wonderful time together. It makes me think about how often I take for granted those little moments...and I'm not married or a mom yet.