thank YOU!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I recently had a very surprising and beautiful note written to me via fbook msgs that made my day.  It was just  a short note that reminded me that I might not just be writing to the vast empty cyber space - but people are reading my blog and it meant a lot to me that my friend wanted to let me know she enjoyed our blog.  She didn't have to write that message to let me know she appreciated my posts but she did and it reminded me about the importance of graciousness.

And now its my turn to be gracious, because I really am.

THANK YOU  for stopping by to read our blog.  Thanks to the people that are publicly following our blog ----------------->.  Thank you for those of you that check in regularly to see what's new with us.  Thank you to those of you that post my blog link in your own blogs.  And thank you to those who just stubble upon it while blog surfing. 

There is something powerful about the written word, so thank you for taking time out of your day to read MY written words.  It may not seem like much to you; just a few minutes reading; but to know that there are people out there reading (and occasionally enjoying) my writing and thoughts feels like a very undeserved honor. 

Thank you to all our "fans."  [cue my childish giggling at the idea that we have "fans"]

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  1. Yesterday was national say thank you day, so technically I am a day late. But I want to thank you for inspiring me nearly everyday to be a better person. I'm usually pretty okay with being abrasive and unapproachable but not when I read your blog. So thanks tab. you must be such a blessing to those close to you who get to see you live and not just in writing!