New Years Eve Party

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I just now realized that I haven't updated about our new years eve party.  So here's a mosty visual update.   Grey's girlfriend, Samantha came over to help bring in the new year (and celebrate her momma's birthday!)  They played for awhile and very sweetly shared booboo's train.  Unprompted, Sam gave Grey pushes all over the living room and I could have just died by how adorable it was.

happy birthday, JP!
 Then Mallory arrived for the party and it was a full blown baby extravaganza in the basement.  They had toys and snacks everywhere.  It was pretty far past everyone's bedtimes too, so it was like a legitimate wild baby party.  Even Grey's neighbor girlfriend, Ella joined the party a little later!  Poor Booboo was outnumbered 3 girls to him.  He loved it.

baby party!!
The babies did finally retire for the evening and it was time for some grown up NYE fun.  There were plenty of cocktails and masquerade masks.  We even played the always hilarious and inappropriate orange/neck game.  I can't even think about that game and I start giggling.  Its too ridiculous.

We also got a visit from Tasha's friend, Kateri from Canada.  They studied abroad together in Scotland.  It was great to finally meet her after hearing Uch talk about her and their fun adventures so much.  She was so sweet and such a big help getting ready for the party.

Speaking of their study abroad experience, Tash and I borrowed a version of Jenga that she learned about from her fellow study abroad classmates.  Drinking Jenga was a huge hit at our new years eve party and we'd suggest it for anyone looking for a new game to play while consuming adult beverages.  (*for my underage readers - this is a grown up game - you'll have plenty of time to do dumb stuff like this after your turn 21).  Each game piece has a task written on it, as you pull the block, you must do whatever the task is on that block, then like normal Jenga - you place it on the top of the tower and the block has the possibility of being pulled again.  We sharpie'd all the tasks on the blocks and then created a corresponding list of what the tasks mean.  Here's some of ours for examples. 
  • "No guts, No glory" -  you cannot remove blocks from the center row, only the ends from now on
  • "Opposite" - you must pull blocks with your non-dominant hand from now on
  • "goooooooaaaal!" - do your best goal celebration while everyone else playing screams 'goooooaaaal!'; everyone drink
  • "Why does Jenga hate you?" - drink 6.  sorry.
  • "Titanic!" -  the ships going down!  Everyone finish your drink!
  • "Animal intro" -  before you speak, you must open with an animal noise of your choice
  • "Drama Queen" -  make the biggest deal out of anything that happens
*if you're interested in borrowing our our full list of tasks for your own game - just ask:)

I think it might also be fun to make a non-drinking Jenga, like for a children's game.  Even though plain, old Jenga is fun - the addition of tasks just spices it up a little more.  You could use a lot of the same tasks, only minus the drinking penalty, you could also include fun child things, like - pat your head & rub your belly at the same time, etc

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  1. Tab - Drinking Jenga sounds amazing...and I'm having a party on Saturday. Can you send me the full list of Jenga tasks? :)

    Can't wait to play!