100 things

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My writing book suggested to help find inspiration; make a list of one hundred things that you love.  hmm..seems easy enough.  It encourages to write the obvious (chocolate) and not so normal (watching a squirrel run through branches).  It is supposed to be an exercise to help you include things that you love into your novel. 

I highly suggest making this list.  It was a great reminder to all the little things that I love about everyday life.  Those small, gratifying moments that are so simple but oh so sweet.  Here's my list to help you think about yours:
  1. Brandon's neck smell
  2. Booboo's slobbery, spitty, open mouth kisses
  3. hoodies
  4. hot tea
  5. our bed comforter
  6. books with beautiful writing
  7. turning right on red
  8. car seat warmers
  9. hot showers
  10. blue moon beer
  11. sun on my face
  12. the smell of fall
  13. screen doors
  14. swings
  15. close-up pictures
  16. facebook comments on my photo albums
  17. laughing
  18. my sisters' laughs
  19. my mom's hands
  20. my dad
  21. toast & jam
  22. rubber boots
  23. chunks of chocolate/cookie dough/brownie/etc in ice cream
  24. learning
  25. watching movie trailers online
  26. sharpie markers
  27. sifting through books at the library with NO or FULL intent of buying them
  28. fireplaces
  29. roasted asparagus
  30. ranch dressing
  31. people that can pull off wearing bulky rings
  32. Holy Cross church
  33. clapping or keeping the beat along to music
  34. "peace be with you" at church
  35. public transportation
  36. the cheers & noises at live sporting events
  37. marching bands
  38. the feel & tingle of someone unexpectedly reaching out to touch you while they're telling you a story
  39. the phrase "kindred spirits"
  40. spending time with Stephanie Morem
  41. zodiac signs
  42. the stars on my son's ceiling from his nightlight
  43. christmas lights
  44. the sound of gravel under boots
  45. spooning
  46. laying in B's nook
  47. a fresh, clean calendar
  48. spell check
  49. learning new functions in excel
  50. photos set to beautiful music
  51. books on my night table
  52. paperbackswap.com
  53. re-discovering this writing notebook after so long
  54. waking up a few minutes before the alarm goes off
  55. Bullet's tracks all through the snow in the backyard
  56. teaching at PS27
  57. my study abroad experience in Costa Rica
  58. getting the mail
  59. receiving Christmas cards
  60. physically crossing things off of a to do list
  61. long, untangled, beautiful hair on a woman (or me!)
  62. my Lisa's gram's boiled icing
  63. occasionally, a glass of milk
  64. watermelon
  65. JUMPING into water
  66. hot tubs
  67. watching Law & Order SVU on marathon while staying in a hotel
  68. pizza
  69. margaritas & guacamole from Pequenas in Brooklyn
  70. dancing wild
  71. thank you prayers
  72. a good cry
  73. worn in sneakers
  74. HGTV
  75. movies that make me want to google their reviews after watching them
  76. Wegmans
  77. covering up with a blanket
  78. muting TV commercials
  79. actually, just being in charge of the remote
  80. quick & easy cooking
  81. recycling
  82. string cheese
  83. my own handwriting
  84. organizing & planning events
  85. being in charge/bossy
  86. starbucks chai lattes
  87. short fingernails
  88. men's cologne
  89. using a q-tip almost immediately after getting out of the shower
  90. blush
  91. a full gas tank
  92. traditions
  93. watching people change their minds about something they never saw from another point of view
  94. meaningful lyrics
  95. being thought of as funny
  96. champagne
  97. the way I say "sham-pag-nay" in my mind while I spell champagne
  98. the notion that things exist that we don't know about yet
  99. falling in love
  100. empathy

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  1. Tab, thank you for this blog. You made me really think ~~ I blogged about my 100. I am truly blessed too! (Love your dog blog... just wait until Grey is 2 AND you have a dog. I had 3 dogs in the house when my kids were little. It was a moment of insanity on my part!).