the mumma goes to work!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

After Taryn & Dobber tied the knot, I caught a flight to Orlando, FL for a whole week with work.  I was nervous about leaving my booboo bear (and B and Bully too!) for the whole week, but it was actually a much needed break for my soul & mind.  

Since I have been on major momma duty for the past 7 months, it was refreshing to speak Adult English all day and I didn't have to maintain anyone's attention by singing "This Old Man" three times in a row.  A whole week without spit up on my clothes!  Not only was it nice company to be around intelligent adults all week, but one of my favorite adult friends was there.  Stephanie & I met at Institute for Teach for America and have been friends ever since.  Luckily for us, we both now work for Scantron and get to see each other periodically at work-related events.  She feeds my soul.  She understands all my new-agey comments and has a love for horoscopes, meaningful song lyrics, and wouldn't bat an eyelash at the statement I made two seconds ago; "she feeds my soul..." she totally gets me:)

To keep me from going through momma-withdrawl, my family & Brandon's parents' graciously made time to skype with me each evening so that Grey and I could "talk."  God Bless technology! 

Skyping:  Booboo in PA and Mumma in FL
Booboo was super lucky and spoiled to sleep at Abba,Poppa Chum, & Aunt kitty's house two nights and with Pappy Butch&Gma the other nights.  After a long week of brain & soul re-charging; I was happy to get back home and give all three of my guys hugs&kisses.  And my girls (lulu & jinxy cat) too!

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