Vacation Review: holidays at the beach

Thursday, November 4, 2010

We were lucky to have two holidays to celebrate while on vacation:  our 2nd wedding anniversary & Brandon's birthday.   On the day of our anniversary, we took a party boat ride and snorkeling trip.  The snorkeling was fun, as always (I LOVE swimming out in the open, wide, deep, blue sea!)  And the boat ride was entertaining with all the ron y cocas:)

When we took a little break at the natural sand bar, naturally (heh), Brandon and I decided to take a leap off of the boat roof, reminiscent of our honeymoon jump from the cliffs in Jamaica!

After our harrowing trip back to land, we all laughed hysterically and drank some more on the beach in honor of our anniversary.  We had a little too much fun and almost missed our dinner registration...but luckily we both pulled it togther and had a semi-romantic, mostly funny anniversary dinner.  Greyson ate with his happy-to-babysit grandparents:)

 Brandon's parents were sweet enough to get us a couple's massage on the beach later in the week...

And my parents bought our beautiful, professional beach pictures. 
Then it was Brandon's birthday and he got to go deep-sea fishing with his dad.  He was the only one to catch anything that day; a barracuda!

We also had a dinner birthday celebration for him!  His momma had a cake ordered and candles & leis ready!  Greyson loved the parade and singing that came along with the party!  Happy Birthday, daddy!

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