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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We finally got a fence!  We wrestled with the idea of spending the money for a fence for a long time, but when it came down to it we knew it would be worth it for Bullet and should see some return when we resale the house someday.  So we went ahead and ate the cost, but are definitely reaping the benefits now.

Our entire backyard is fenced in which means instead of trying to get walked by Bullet, we can now play fetch and run around freely with him in the backyard.  He loves chasing us and running sprints back and forth across the width of the yard.  It has also dramatically cut down on the amount of barking he does during the day.  Since we got a privacy fence (you can't see through the bottom) Bullet has no reason to bark like a maniac at the wind blowing the tall grass in the field next door.  I'm pretty sure our neighbors don't hate us as much.

We all had a little getting used to when it was finally finished though.  I keep going outside and prematurely bending over to pick up Bullet's leash everytime I let him out.  My body is just accustomed to going out there and bending down, hah!  And Bullet was like an elephant on that tiny rope at first...even though he wasn't connected to a leash, he was afraid to go anywhere outside of his past reach would let him.  He likes it a lot better when one of us is out there playing with him, but he's starting to get used to being a backyard nomad.

Can you find Bullet roaming? 
(hint:  its not the firepit in the middle of the window)

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