zebras, and wart hogs, and kangaroos; oh my!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We were very grateful to be invited to the zoo with the Plummer girls this past week.  It was a perfect little break during the afternoon.  The Erie Zoo is really beautiful and surprisingly has more animals than I was expecting (it was our first trip!)  I had not been to the zoo in quite some time, so I was astonished at how big animals actually are...I almost fell over when I saw how huge the rhinos are...I don't remember them being that massive.  who knew? 

Grey on the other hand wasn't too astonished about anything.  Most of the animals were too far away (jaguar), colored the same as their pen (wart hogs), or not moving enough (HUGE oranguatan).  He did see three animals though and that was pretty exciting!  Grey was mesmorized by the zebras (thank you contrasting skin), and he watched the kangaroos digging and hopping around.  He also could see the parrots ...and maybe a horse, but that one hasn't been confirmed.

He's definitely not looking at the enormous giraffe in this pic; the little water moat surrounding their pen is a lot more interesting to babies, apparently.

It was great to hang out with Jess and Sam again.  We even got to have a little baby lunch date on a bench at the zoo.  Sammie likes staring at Grey and Grey still seems kind of oblivious that Sam is a baby too.  Some day these two will be great friends and that makes me happy:)

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