Greyson + SCF

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We had a quick SCF lunch in Butler, PA last week that was so fun and needed.  Aunt Kitty drove up to the the half-way point with Uch and we caught lunch at Michael's Restaurant for a few hours that afternoon.  Greyson had just learned how to make the "bzzz" sound and thought he was the cat's meow.  So of course, he kept doing it at the table as loud as possible at the table.  All the while, Aunt Kitty and Aunt Uch smiled and egged him on, of course.  Greyson has the best aunts in the whole world.

Aunt Uch stayed with us for two days and then drove back to Jtown for the reunion on Friday.  I was able to get some much (seriously MUCH) needed cleaning done and Tash helped me re-arrange the basement furniture (yay!)  She also got some extra sleep in (hahha) and SCF time while hanging together outside and running errands:)  On the way to Jtown, Greyson was glad to have a car buddy with him...and he & his godmomma slept holding hands for most of the three-hour ride back:)

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