August Kindness: Localtarians debrief

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 3:  so bad.  So bad that I'm embarassed to write it down.  I traveled to Pittsburgh for work and stayed in a hotel with Grey and my food consisted of eating out.  horrible.  We did eat a non-chain restaurant before the zoo as a family though (no guarantee that the food was local, but at least it was ma&pa vs. "the man" dining, right?)  horrible horrible attempt at eating locally.

Week 4:
Saturday: Local cauliflower steamed

Sunday:  Local cauliflower & potatoes slow cooked with pot roast- yum:)

Monday:  local grown Granny Smith apples<3

Tuesday:  local made & baked bread

Well this month's kindness was a lot harder than we had anticipated.  If I was better about deciding my meals for each week, it would have been a lot easier and we would have been more successful at this month's task..but alas, I am not good about ahead meal-planning (although I dream of one day tackling this challenge).  By the end of the month, we were grasping for anything that was made locally at an attempt of fulfilling the kindness, but if we're honest with ourselves it was kind of a half-assed try all month long. 

Some positives that came out of the kindness were quite a few.  We at least started to recognize the quality of food locally grown vs. the food we pull from packaging.  Its no secret that eating it fresh tastes infinitelly better than having it flown in from somewhere else.  We also tried some new recipes that we might not have otherwise given a chance.  With Greyson now getting our grinded up dinners - we are more aware than ever at what goes into our bodies...since its not just going into our old, used to crap bodies; but always his brand spankin' new body too. 

I am hoping that after this month's kindness we continue to buy locally grown fruits/veggies as they are available.  Not totally proud of our commitment to this month's kindness but it was a worthwhile cause and I strive to be better and healthier about it.  A girl can hope.

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