Localtarians: Week 1

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our August Kindness is to be "Localtarians" which would mean to eat only locally-grown food for the whole month.  This goal was very ambitious and unattainable for us right now.  We didn't want to forgo the entire goal though, so we are committing to eating at least one Locally grown food at dinner each day.  Along with this goal, we are adding no eating outside of the home for the month (with the exception of a wedding we have in a few weeks)..we'll be eating in for dinner each night.

So why be localtarians and who is the "kindness" for?  Eating Locally is first of all kind to the Earth.  Think about how far your food has travelled to get to you.  Food that travels means at the very least, a) more packaging (waste) and b) fuel for whatever transported the food to your town.  Localtarians is also kindness towards local farmers and/or businesses.  We are lucky to have a farmer's market within walking distance from our house (about 1 mile) that has delicious fruits, veggies, & even a bakery! 

Could we do better?  Yes, we definitely could do better, but we are making an attempt.  Besides being kind - locally grown food tastes waaaaaaaay better than anything store-bought:)  It is still a challenge even though we are only committing to one thing local...but it is forcing us to pay attention to how far our food travels & how much waste we make from packaging.  If nothing else, at least it is making us more aware.

Monday:  "Neighbor-grown" green beans (we even fried them up, a la PF Chang style and they were awesome and super crunchy!)

Tuesday:  Locally grown green peppers & potatoes on our shish-kabobs.  And locally grown blueberries & black berries by the handfuls:)

Wednesday:  Locally grown corn on the cob - YUM!!

Thursday:  Deermeat pies a la Ms. Confer-style!  (Brandon's deer from last season)

Friday:  Leftovers...plus cherry tomatoes by the handful for tab:)

Saturday:  Locally made (&butchered) kielbasa

Sunday:  locally grown zucchini on the grill

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