Lawn Make-over

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We were very lucky to enlist the help of the men in our families over Grey's baptism weekend to give our lawn a make-over.  Brandon has been dying to get our front flowerbeds taken care of and boy did we ever!
Our old (front) lawn's landscaping was BORING and made Brandon crazy with the rocks.  B worked on stripping the rocks out of the frontbed and then over the Baptism weekend, all the guys helped rip&tear the plants out of there, re-plant our new stuff, and mulch the entire thing.  Of course it was super sunny and about million degrees that day too.  Thank you so much, Rudy, Dad, Jordan, and Ryan!! 

old front lawn

new front lawn

We also purchased hanging baskets from Frank's Farmer's Market on Sterretania and they're beautiful.  so there.

Over the past week, Brandon has been hard at work at ripping up our back yard to make way for a flowerbed along the house.  This new bed serves two purposes; a) it will be easier to mow and b) to pretty up our backyard.  He dug up all the sod (ugh) and I even get in on the helping of laying the mulch.  We've re-planted some bushes from the front yard to the back bed and we'll be getting some mums to fill in the middle part soon. 

old back lawn

new back flowerbed

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