Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brandon and I are so lucky to have the dads we have; they are strong, decent, caring, and hardworking men that have taught us everything from how to use a hammer to teaching us that cheaters never win and winners never win without practice and hardwork.  They are still teaching us (yea, we may still need help with getting that toilet to stop leaking!)  And now they will be the best male role models for our son; he will learn so much from you two.  We love you.  forever.

I could never say how lucky I feel that you are the father of our child.  I love watching you play and laugh with Greyson and I know it will only get better and more fun for the both of you as he gets older.  Thank you for hugging and kissing him even though he is a boy.  He will always have that love from his dad in his heart; even when he gets too big (or "too cool") for hugs and kisses from you.  They say that the best thing a dad can do for his kids is to love their mother...you certainly have that covered.  I feel your love all around me and that makes me a better mother.  You are a great dad.  Thank you for our sweet baby.
i love you.

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  1. im crying all over the world :)
    i <3 the studers!