A Daddy kind of weekend

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Since it was Brandon's first father's day, I wanted the whole weekend to be filled with activities that Brandon loves to do.

So, we got up early on Saturday and got everything and everyone together to go fishing at Presque Isle.  Everyone includes Brandon, me, Grey, AND Bullet.  We stopped at the Forte's to pick up Baby Kev and then we were off to the lake.  The plan was for Brandon and Kev to wade into the bay to fish while I take Bullet and Grey for a walk.  Lo and behold, the warm, sunny weather had just about the entire population of Erie out walking/rollerblading/biking on the paths.  Bullet was super excited about every single person (or animal) that we passed, so to keep him distracted so as not to bark, or sniff, or jump on others; we had to jog past each person that came near us while walking.  Unfortunately, I wore sandals so by the end of our 4 mile walk/jog, my feet had the majority of the skin missing.  Some man that passed us commented, "Mom at work" and I was like, no kidding.

After that, we went out to the Perry Monument so that the guys could try to catch at least one fish!!  We tied Bully to a tree and Grey and I sat on a blanket while the guys fished.  Bullet barked his head off at every cast, which was about every 5 seconds since the guys were fly-fishing.  Overall, it was a crazy event, but worth it for the daddy.

Brandon is a big wing lover, so for his first father's day, so later that evening, we traveled the hour and 45 minutes to visit the birthplace of wings (and the location of the victor in the wings showdown on Food Wars).  The wings were definitely worth the trip!  Greyson was an angel child the whole trip.  We love the daddy<3

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