Stretch Armstrong

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It has been baffling to Brandon and I at how much skin can stretch...mainly the skin on my stomach.  I was reading back through some of our old posts and literally laughed out loud when I was making such a big deal about my stomach at 20 some weeks...I even announced aloud (to Bullet, hah), "Holy crap, I wish my stomach was still that small!"  I had dramatically posted 'What a difference 14 weeks make'...oh Tabitha, if I only knew what a difference 9 months make?!

I actually would like to take a moment and boast about how our big baby is probably laughing hysterically about how much he can stretch his momma's belly.  For the past two months or so, my belly has been measuring 2cms bigger than expected for my due date.  So, at 32 weeks, I was measuring 34 cms...and at 35 weeks, I measured 37cm.  They even sent me for an ultrasound to make sure that everything looked okay and we got an A+.  So, our little babe really wanted to see how much the body is willing to take (his mum's body, of course) and when I went for my 36 week check in...I measured in at a whooping 40 cm!!!!  Newsflash little baby- its not funny.

So in honor of my ever expanding belly, I wanted to just really make a mockery of myself and show a progression from the beginning to present day.  Granted- I still have 3 weeks left, so who knows what I'll look like by then (think the girl who ate the gum and turned into a blueberry in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory...minus the blue).
7 weeks 

17 weeks

21 weeks

30 weeks

32 weeks (side & front views)

37 weeks (side & front views)

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