Pup Playdate

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bullet was lucky to have some new friends visit our house this past Friday.  Our friends, Sarah and Gregg brough over their two chocolate labs for a pup playdate.  Bullet really loves meeting new dogs and people, but on our walks he gets so excited that he generally makes people nervous (especially since he looks a little scary).  So, it was really a treat for him to get a chance to run around crazy and play.

Bullet, Elliot, and Parker got to run around and go crazy outside with the dads.  Bullet was so excited and running around so much he threw up! hahhaa, that's how happy he was.  Of course, he could care less and as soon as he got it all out- he kept on playing!

They came in after a little while and continued to play.  The two puppies, Bullet and Parker, really had fun together while Elliot mostly hung out with the humans.  After awhile, Bullet was really dragging and clearly exhausted.  Elliot and Parker have a lot of experience getting to play with other dogs (they have lots of cousins) but since this was Bullet's first playdate- he was completely worn out.  When the Moffett crew finally had to head home, Bullet cried for his new friends for about 10 minutes and stared out the window for them.  He really had a great time- can't wait for the next playdate!

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