just be real for a minute.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

 this has been so crazy. 
we are getting through it, but gosh. 
it is literally just barely getting through it.

the full time teaching in a pandemic
the 6th pregnancy with our current 5 kids
one of which has been a snot-nosed, miserable (not sleeping) 10 month old
Sheila on the fritz and about ready for the junk yard
the cold and snow and ice and delays and snow days
the covid and masks and restrictions
the quarantines and virtual school for our own children
the laundry that never ends and smirks at me from hampers and bedroom floors
the schedules and games and homework
the pets and bills and chores
the making dinner every darn night.

I fully recognize that I am putting all my hope eggs into a singular basket called
"it will be better when it's warmer and this baby comes out and we can all be outside in the sun for the whole day"
....and honestly that's probably not going to make everything better,
but right now it feels like if we can just keep treading water until then, we'll be okay. 

in the mean time these are the things giving me life: 

  • kneading (and eating) all the homemade bread I've been baking
  • coffee
  • my pregnancy pillow
  • all.the.books
  • my planner 
  • hot showers
  • baby#6 kicks
  • chocolate chips eaten by the handful
  • my handsome husband's face and kind, supportive words
  • dreaming of how we can make things be more balanced next school year
  • and these five kids; each in their own individual wonderful, weird, beautiful uniqueness

to all the everybodys out there thinking, 
OMIGOSH, this is insanity
and i'm burnt out
and exhausted
and frustrated
but still grateful and hopeful
but gosh, this is crazy.

I say: 
same my friend. 
you are not alone. 
i am in here with you. 
this be cray. 
but we can do this. 
one foot in front of the other.
find the small moments of beauty and hold on to them for dear life. 
let each small joy get you to the next one.
even if it's just a handful of chocolate chips
and a microwaved coffee
march on, dear friends.
the kids are watching us
and learning how to persevere. 


  1. Never does a moment pass where your words do not hit right.in.my.soul Luv you lady 😘

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Some days I think "this is going to be ok" and some days I say "I literally cannot keep moving forward". But I am thankful for hope and grace and love and all the new *good* things this season has brought me and my family and so we keep moving forward. You said once something like "there are things we want to do and things we'd like to do and things we have to do and sometimes all we can do is survive the day. Give yourself some grace and try again tomorrow" (something like that- it was a while ago but I still remember it! I printed it and put it on my fridge). But I think that is still true now- all we can do is give ourselves some grace and keep trying even when we are beyond over it, and I think our children and our family and our friends will see that too and be encouraged. Thank you! <3