Around Here Week 3: 01/17-23

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

 A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this moment. 

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 1+ (of 1000)
Nothing new for me, but the kids are loving the snow and really enjoying two new-to-us sleds we inherited from my coworker Mark (thank you!) All four big ones can handle getting snow-dressed by themselves (parenting milestone and blessing!) and so when they want to go out - they just do. It is honestly liberating. (granted, I have two more kids to get to that stage, but that doesn't start until at least next winter, so whatever). 

Reading with too many books going at once right now. I started Legendborn by Tracy Deonn after my student Lily borrowed it to me (thank you!) and then my student Cali lent me The Companion by Katie I put my other books on the back burner for now until I can get through those two. I love so much that my students know I like to read so they are always suggesting books and asking for suggestions. Some of my favorite conversations in school are when the students and I nerd out to talk about books we love. 

So grateful for Rusty who was honestly made to be a big brother. He is so good with Red. He is patient and kind and helpful and wants only to make him laugh and love him. All day he pretend fights monsters in front of him while Red watches with wonder and awe at the flips and sound effects and cool moves. Rust reads books with him and will always occupy him if I need a minute to finish up a chore without Red hanging on me. 

Happy for Violet who got a special cousin night at the snow tubing park! Cousin Tausha snagged Violet to go night tubing at Seven Springs and she had so much fun (it was her first time!) Thank you Taush! 

Laughing because otherwise we'd cry, right? We prep to send the kids back to school for Tuesday and don't we get a call from the daycare on Monday that Red needs to quarantine for 10 days for close contact. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. So it's another week and a half of figuring out who is with the kids during the work day! B worked from home, went into work at the sunrise and made it back in time for me to get to work on the 2hr delay day, and then Miss Hannah came for half a day. I took off on Friday to stay at home this week all in an effort to try to make it work. We just kept Rust home too because it was honestly easier than also trying to squeeze in drop off/pick up at the daycare for him too among all the other madness. 

Clapping and cheering and tearing up on Inauguration day. YAY. That firework display was literally the craziest thing I've ever seen and for a good 30 seconds I worried that the actual Washington Monument was going to come crumbling down. Thank goodness though it didn't and the fireworks blew my mind and yay for progress for all. SO MUCH WORK TO BE DONE, but at least pointed in the right direction. 

Transitioning back to in-person learning with elementary school kids. Digging through the backpacks and making sure everyone remembered how to wake up and get dressed again was a fun exercise after a whole marking period of virtual learning. Thankfully the kids' school is awesome and they provided us with back-to-in-person-learning checklists of what the kids needed to bring, updated calendars, special schedules, and lunch menus. The kids are excited to go back (masks, social distancing, sanitizing again) but I think they're grateful to be their own person in their own grade with their teachers that they've missed. We had chocolate muffins for our bus driver (best one around! We love and missed you Rob!) for the first day back too. 

Getting the girls teeth checked. They had their 6month appointment on Friday and we were laughing about how they barely had anything to clean for Violet since she's still missing those two front teeth! Gem might need a filling or two - but they are also baby teeth, so kind of hoping she just loses them before her appointment in March (hah!) Aunt Kitty came in clutch when I called her last minute on the way to the appointment and she took the three boys so that we didn't have to figure out what to do in the car because of covid-visitor restrictions (thank you!!)

Puzzling. We started our annual family winter puzzle this week and whew, it's a doozy. We got a 1000 piece with a mountain/stream/cottage painting. The thing about annual puzzle week is that everyone gets kind of obsessed. Grey and I were on a crazy puzzling roll on Saturday night when we were literally just picking pieces up and magically knowing where they would fit. We were laughing hysterically and talking about just tossing them into the air and seeing if they'd just fall into place that's how on puzzle-fire we were. I know - Saturday gets wild around here. 

forever cursing about the difficulty of changing bedsheets on bunk beds. 

Relaxing and recuperating after the kids' first week back to school with family movie afternoon on Saturday. We watched Safety on Disney. We love ourselves a feel good sports movie! 

Winter Sporting with two games for Grey with his CT team while Gem had a practice and a game with her CT team. Covid rules are that the kids on the bench and all spectators have to wear masks, but no masks while playing for the athletes. Both of our kiddos are happy to be on the court again! 

Teaching 3 days this week because we had an ACT 80 day on Monday for MLK Jr Day and I took Friday as a flex day to stay home with the two quarantine boys so B could go to work for a full day this week. On Monday, I had planned for our Staff potluck meal (theme: comfort food) and I took apple pie dump cake in the crock pot a la mode. The rest of the week, Spanish 1 started their class stories for Somos 5 and Spanish 2 finished out Somos 12 and took their personal belongings vocab test. Spanish 3 is still learning preterite verbs but got to play the dice game and verb triangle puzzles. Spanish 4 officially started reading La Casa de la Dentista graphic novel! 

Making noodles and red sauce, pork roast with sweet pepper sauce, beef taco salads, chicken cordon bleu pasta, baked turkey and cheese hoagies (kid fav!), and bacon/garlic spaghetti. 

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