Around Here Week 4: 01/24-30

Monday, February 15, 2021

 A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this moment. 

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 1+ (of 1000)
LOL. same.

Reading Legendborn by Tracy Deonn. We had our Project Lit meeting at school and we got our two new books and now I'm dyyyyyying to get started on those - but first...the other (at least) 2 books I borrowed from students first! We had a great discussion on our first two Project Lit books: Allegedly by Tiffany D Jackson and Stamped Remixed by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X Kendi. So grateful for that club and my fellow advisors/teacher friends that lead it. We got our two new books (we have to do two this time because we got READERS who buzz through the books too fast). Next up are Like a Love Story by Abdi Nazemian and Charming as a Verb by Ben Philippe 

Finishing our annual winter puzzle with ONE PIECE MISSING. honestly, it's an annual tradition at this point to complete the puzzle and have a piece completely disappeared; lost among the children and the pets and the chaos and the mess. 

Sending everyone back to school this week. The two little boys finished out their quarantine and headed back to preschool/daycare on Wednesday. 

Seeing our baby girl on another ultrasound this week. Just checking in on her to make sure everything is going well, there is a small calcification in her abdomen that we are monitoring but she looks fine and my amazing, kind midwife cousin says to not stress about, so I'm not! Next on the schedule is my last four week appointment (before the bi-weeklies start!) my Rhogam shot (ugh, o neg bloodtype maintenance), glucose test, and another ultrasound at 32 weeks! Moving right along! 

Preparing for the 100th day of school with Violet. We counted out 100 pieces of rice - LOL. it was the most pathetic-looking collection ever. So then we also counted out 100 plastic spoons and she took both of those in for the school display. 

Smiling at Red's affinity for balls that reminds of so much of baby Booboo. Just like Grey, Red only ever wants to play with balls and has awesome hand eye coordination already. He chases them all over the house, stares in awe at Grey and Gem playing basketball on the kitchen mini hoop, and can be calmed at any time to just put a ball within reach - even dryer balls can be used in a pinch (lol). 

Missing B on Saturday as he was working as a guide at High Ridge Hunting preserve at their winter jambo which starts at 6a and goes until after dinnertime. We figured it out logistically (5 kids and multiple basketball games and a sleepover), but it's always easier when we can work together to divide and conquer. 

Studerbabies farming it even in the winter. Well, actually I do very little for the outdoor animals because of the snow/ice and this baby bump. Brandon and Gem have done most of the (literal) heavy lifting all winter to take care of all of our girls. Winter months are rough because of the freezing water and the only thing that animals need really in the winter to survive is water and, it's twice delivered (at least) warm water to the animals down over the hill from the house (because all the hoses are unplugged for the winter so they don't freeze and burst). The goats have continued to enjoy and appreciate all the Christmas tree deliveries we received (thank you!) and our shed has held up great to house all the hay and feed for eating and the straw for sitting/laying. Eggs need collected often or we lose them to being frozen (they are far less laid in the winter because of limited daylight). And the goats are so hilariously cute with their extra thick hair. It's been a huge learning curve and lots of times an added chore to our already way-full plates - but we also love it still. Next up - making plans for our garden this year! 

Winter sporting with one basketball practice each for Grey and Gem and they each also had two basketball games this week too. B had a meeting with the football league this week and I signed up Gem, Violet, and Rust for spring soccer and finished up the sponsorship letters that need sent out for the baseball season. 

Teaching Spanish 1 the intro to our bullfighting unit including vocab words and a KWL chart about bullfights (so interesting their questions they have before we learn about it!). Spanish 2 started the pre-work before reading their next novel, Esperanza which included watching one of my favorite documentaries, Living on One Dollar (which is currently on Prime!) It's such a great movie to watch with young people to get them reflecting on their own life and how many things we take for granted. We have a conversation before watching it about $1 a day sounds do-able to them (so, just don't buy a vending machine snack today!) but actually it means taking ALL the things you and your parents/guardians spend money on all month (mortage/rent, gas, phone bills, groceries, wifi, etc) and then divide that by 30 days in a month and THAT cost has to be only $1. Yeah...shocking, but that's how millions of people living in extreme poverty live all over the world! After the movie we talk about Kiva and my experience on a mission trip in Honduras when I was 16 and how one little boy changed the course of my life (much like Chino from the documentary). I really love this unit in Spanish 2! Spanish 3 is conducting Super 7 interviews in the Preterito tense and Spanish 4 is reading La Casa de la Dentista graphic novel while completing writing in a circling guide. 

Making homemade french bread to go with the chili my Dad dropped off (thank you!), instant pot roast and potatoes, Korean beef and green beans over rice, broccoli and cheese soup with homemade bread bowls (SO YUM), teeny weenie wraps with shells & cheese, and we got take out burgers one night. I also made a batch of no-bakes and B always laughs because we only ever have cookies in our house for the single day that they get made. They can barely cool before they are gobbled up (which is also why I only ever bake cookies, rarely buy - unless it's Girl Scout cookie season....which it almost is!)

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