Around Here Week 9: 02/23-29

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  10+ hours (of 1000)
During a horrible bout of Braxton hicks on Sunday I found that walking up and down our driveway for an hour while reading somehow was the only thing that could help me (LOL). So score for outdoor hours, but also -ugh. 

Reading and finishing Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman and then immediately borrowing the third and final book in the series, The Toll by Neal Shusterman from our English teacher and my dear friend Renee. The world in this series is so well written and I'm so immersed - I must get out. Hahhaha, I told her, I just need to finish this one so I can leave this world and be back in reality. I also recently saw this meme and laughed for a hundred hours and sent it to my book loving soulmate, Taryn.

Image result for reading is basically staring at a dead tree and hallucinating

Slowing down in the classroom because holy moly, teaching in the third trimester is no joke. Whew, I made it to the 33 week mark until I am finally feeling like, How the heck am I supposed to be doing this? I really struggled this week with a lot of painful braxton hicks, heartburn, and total body slowdown. I had full intentions of going to Sunday school and at the last minute (literally - my shoes were on!) I looked at Brandon with panic and said, "I can't go. I have to lay down." Luckily Miss Hannah covered my class (thank you!) then later that same day, I was putting my shoes on to go to Grey's championship bball game and again, I started crying because I knew I just wasn't going to be able to do it. So I missed the 'ship - luckily I was getting play-by-play updates and videos from Becky (thank you!) and I still felt like I was there. I mustered through school on Tuesday (my classroom neighbors kept checking on me, they were concerned!) but after a long Epsom salt bath and going to sleep by 9p that night, I felt a lot better. I just need to slow down -as much as I despise it- and take these last few weeks with a grain of salt. Come on, baby bro - we can do this!

Starting Lent with our annual countdown charts (the kids love these!) and attending Ash Wednesday mass (which was also one of my 100 small things tasks for February). I took the three youngest because B and Grey had baseball practice and a basketball game.

Finishing - just in time to close out February! - our family puzzle. It was a scene of a campfire and canoe near a lake and now we're all itching for summer to get here so we can go camping!

Playing balloon volleyball in the living room to combat the cabin fever. Come on weather, either be real winter with real snow that we can play in or just be spring - this in between muddy, too cold, sloppy mess is ridiculous.

College'ing by writing a Parent Conference Plan paper (2-3 pgs with in-cite references and a reference page) in between pacing back and forth and breathing deliberately thanks to a very hard baby day on Sunday. I also printed off several articles I need to read for my research paper due in April, but I have a few weeks now that I can get started on it so I'm not backed into a corner when this new baby bro arrives.

Spring Sporting with one baseball practice this week and a final decision to move up to the next level in baseball (a sigh and an eye roll from this momma).

...and even a little fall sporting (!!?!) Brandon is the football board VP, so he attended the league-wide planning meeting on Friday night....because this is how far in advance youth sports organize and prepare. Friendly reminder: thank your youth sports league boards, coaches, and volunteers. k, thanks, bye.

Winter Sporting with two basketball games and two basketball practices. Grey's CT team finished in second place in their league and they had a little end of season party at their final practice (thanks Coach Dan & Team Mom Becky!).  Grey's Storm team games are still going for one more week and then he has some tournaments on the horizon for March.

Teaching almost all week except for the 2hr delay on Thursday - still NO snow days all winter (?!) In Sp1 we read chapters 2-4 of our novel Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro including the ever popular lesson on animal sounds in Spanish using this video. Sp2 worked through chapters 3-4 of Esperanza while Sp2 Honors watched Under the Same Moon and were obsesssssssed with it. It is a good movie and we finally finished out our immigration unit for them. Sp 3/4 Honors did some pre-work about Dominican Republic and the Trujillo regime to get ready to read their next novel about Felipe Alou next week. I gave out half way Q3 Leave Me Alone Passes this week and helped judge chili cook-off that our FCS students put on. Spanish club had their elementary school visit on Friday too (they taught about days of the week!)

Making berry smoothies for breakfast on Sunday (yum!) and ham&cheese texas toast melt sandwiches for dinner. We had a two nights of fridge clean outs, including the kids' favorite 'buffet & order' because we had to get rid of some major leftovers. We had taco salads and quick King's cake to celebrate Mardi Gras (I just use canned cinnamon rolls!) We were gifted delicious chicken alfredo fettucine from Joan who works with Brandon in the admin building (thank you so so much!) and dessert of gob cake which was divine. Gem made some muffins from mix on Saturday morning while I made crockpot potato soup. All week we gorged ourselves on girls scout cookies because...tis the season! 

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  1. Cracking up about the dead tree hallucinations!!!
    Sending you strength to make it through the third trimester while teaching. I don't know how you do it, girl! You are wonder woman!