Around Here Week 44: 10/27-11/02

Sunday, November 17, 2019

A peek into what it is like to live in our home just this festive minute.

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 677+ hours (of 1000)
Up only 4 hours for me, but many more than that for the boys who are in full on archery mode. The weather is definitely taking a turn for the colder half of fall, but the kids were all so pumped to be able to rake up our first official leaf pile of the year!

Reading Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate with my Books & Brews book club and Monster by Walter Dean Myers with our school's Project Lit Club.

Resting easy on our new mattress! We got a foam/spring hybrid after 12 years of our temperapedic. We even went for the adjustable base, and if that makes me an old lady - so be it. It is incredible to be able to lift my head up each night when my heartburn flares up (#thanksStuderbaby5) and the pressure relief of your feet elevated a little...gah, I love it. It was definitely time and this babe in the oven and I are so grateful to be sleeping peacefully.

Dressing up at all the schools to celebrate Halloween. Grey and Gem has their fall Fest and costume parade on Thursday. Rusty & Violet got to trick or treat through the office buildings in the other part of their daycare building and had a class party, and I painted half my face for our Día de los muertos fiesta on Friday. Gemma's Uma wig didn't arrive in time for her school party, so B and I had to tag team putting tiny braids all through Gem's hair to make up for it the night before! We didn't do her whole head, but it was enough to make her wig-less costume still a hit.

Content to cancel on Halloween/Trick or Treat night. The weather was crazy (high winds and rain) and our festive week was only just amping up - so we stayed in and let the kids bob for apples out of a tote in the kitchen instead. Violet is a master-apple bobber; dunking her full head in and pulling up an apple within seconds. Rust was determined no matter how much he had to cheat a little bit and had us all belly laughing when he would slyly reach his hand in the water to hold it up so that he could bite it.

Slowing down with the Slowdown Childchood challenge in the ways that feel manageable for us. The two littlest ones were thrilled to help make dinner on Friday night but I'm holding myself to not getting upset if we can't get each day's suggestion in all month. We will see how it goes, but I'm excited to at least be more intentional about slowing down our days because they honestly go by in a blink and everything feels like a blur since school started! Thank goodness for these Around Here posts to remind me about what has even happened in the last few months!

Receiving our finished 2018-19 family yearbook!

Trick-or-treating at Mimi's house and at my parents' house on Saturday. We got to bring Gem's friend Gina with us (yay!) and even though it was coldcoldcold (!) the kids were eager to go door to door to snag some Halloween candy. We got to take our dog cousin Lady with us too (the best part!)

Fall Sporting twice this week for football as the team and Coach Daddy prepare to go to the championship on Sunday! Our banquet planning team is working hard at organizing rsvp, catering, and decorating lists too for later next month.

Teaching Spanish 1 about Day of the Dead and we watched The Book of Life movie (always a hit because it's the besssst!), Spanish 2 stared watching Coco and we learned about La Chancla! Spanish 2 honors read chapters 9-10 of El Silbon de Venezuela and learned about the Venezuelan sport of Coleo. And Spanish 3/4 Honors continued reading La Llorona de Mazatlan Chapters 3-6. In all classes we had food/fiesta day on Friday to celebrate Día de los Muertos. We also had Red Ribbon dress up week at school (I was #saltbae for meme day- hah) and my Spanish club students delivered our Day of the Dead candygrams.

Making pizza burgers and air-fryer french fries, mac & cheese with leftover chicken, salsa chicken in the crockpot over cauliflower rice, frozen pizzas, chili, and grilled hamburgers and kielbasa.

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  1. So many awesome photos this week!
    I need to look into that Slowdown Childhood Challenge - sounds like a great idea.