Around Here Week 41: 10/07-10/13

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 513+ hours (of 1000)
Up a measly 2 hours this week. The weather has been so ridiculous swinging drastically between super hot, to raining for ever, to legit cold (like we turned on the heat last night). It sure does make for some beautiful sunrises and sunsets though.

Reading (and finishing FINALLY!) This is How it Always is by Laurie Frankel.

Visiting and snuggling up with baby Sukey and her momma Loni. The kids were all so happy to play awhile with their friends while Loni and I got a chance to catch up and talk kids and books and momma life.

Upgrading with a brand new stove and fridge! I love them and they both work like they're supposed to (hahha, unlike our old ones) and are so clean and shiny. Brandon and Pappy got them both in the house and installed and working Sunday evening. I also upgraded my teacher wardrobe with this shirt and it makes me real happy :)

Singing happy half birthday to Greyson Rudy who turned 8 and a half on Sunday! Celebrating half birthdays seems as good excuse as any to eat dessert and measure the kids' heights on our kitchen doorway, so a tradition it is!

Receiving the kids' Halloween costumes in the mail- we got a werewolf, Evie from Descendants, a donut, and Peter Rabbit!

Worrying about Grey's cough all week. He missed two days of school with the nasty, barking cough of croup and a fever. He was on the mend by about Friday night though, but it really wiped him out for a few days.

Being pampered when I came home from work on Thursday and Bud had already cleaned up, handed me my book, and sent me up to an already drawn bath. #dreamscometrue It was amazing and so relaxing, especially since my back has been out of whack recently.

Fall sporting it at our last cheer practice with the flag girls (bittersweet) and we made up a Halloween version of 'who rocks the house' that was adorable and hilarious. Since we had the wedding on Saturday (read below) Tasha nor I could be at the game, so we were blessed by the majors cheer coach who stepped in for us with flag girls for our last home game of the season (also, bittersweet). Grey played against Shade on Saturday during the wedding - he and B missed the ceremony, but they won! and then the two of them rolled up to the reception just in time for dinner!

Celebrating love at our cousin Morgan's wedding to her high school sweetheart Nick. Violet was the flower girl and Gemma got be a 'bride's assistant' as she handed out programs and bubbles, and helped set up the reception hall (she loved all her 'jobs!'). Violet made it down the aisle (practically ran down it!) and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. The kids had a blast dancing and frequenting the photo booth.

Teaching school supplies and the boring (but important!) articles/gender/plural grammar rules in Spanish 1, while Spanish 1 Honors dug deeper with Somos 1 Unit 2 and dipped their toes into the colors. Spanish 2 read up through chapter 5 in Capibara con botas and Spanish 2 Honors finished their final project for Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro. Spanish 3 is still reading Esperanza nd we've made it up to Chapter 7 and we used to give us a jumping off point to talk about where the main character is during the chapter (so fun and easy and engaging!...and free!) I also used Quizlet Live this week and it was a massive success. The kids were so excited about it and super competitive and kept asking for more rounds of games. We had an act 80 day on Monday and I got to spend the whole day with other local language teachers and it was incredibly useful and interesting. I took a lot of notes and got a ton of great ideas (like Quizlet Live and which I already used this week. Can't beat that!

Making meatloaf, slow cooker cream cheese chicken taquitos, old fashion American goulash, and thai fried noodles with chicken and veggies.

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