the gifts.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

While planning for Christmas this year and taking into account Brandon's new job that offer so many incredible perks to our life, it did also come with a significant decrease in pay.  It has been an adjustment in everyday life, but we knew it was going to be important to really make plans to make the holidays work within a budget.

So, we sat down and did some planning.  
I ordered our Christmas cards earlier than ever and with as many coupons as I could scrap together, we pared down our kids' gift list to a financially reasonable (and a they-don't-need-more-crap) amount, we budgeted our lists, shopped online with coupons and early, and tracked each spending closely to make sure we were on target.  But it was clear right from the start that we'd be forgoing presents for ourselves.  

Truthfully, we don't mind all that much because neither of our main love languages is gifts, but it did feel a little funny every time we checked in with each other like, "wait, really don't buy anything for me.  I'm not buying anything for you!" and "but seriously, nothing.  put the money in the white envelope fund!" 

In the end though, we did decide together that Santa would bring one gift for us.  
A letter left under the tree, addressed to Mum & Dad.

The thing is, 
we have so many gifts, 
so many blessings.  
Four healthy, kind kids.  
A comfortable, warm home.  
Family and friends who love, support, and encourage us. 
A Daddy who has more time to be with us.
Who needs gifts under the tree when you have a life like this?

So as we spend our Christmas Day bustling to four different homes today;
homes that throw open their doors and welcome us in with arms outstretched with the smell of delicious food floating in the air, and smiles on everyone's faces...we resolve to keep looking around.
All of today.
and tomorrow.
and all in the new year.
Because, truly, all the gifts we could ever want are already right here in front of us.  

Merriest season to you.  
Look around, friends.
There is so much good.
and so much love.
xxoxo tab

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  1. Merry Christmas, Studers.....and you made me cry! You are an amazing, inspiring family! <3