8th annual Studer's Invitational Beer Olympics

Thursday, December 15, 2016

We held our 8th annual Studer's Invitational Beer Olympics event this year in October, a big change from our normal summer party. But this awesome event only a few weeks after the birth of our fourth baby was just not going to fly in our sleep-deprived rotten eight weeks.  So, we postponed it until early October and our friends and family braved the rain and chill to have a great time for a great cause!

The event is held at our home and as I say every single year, we could never ever do this without the help, graciousness, enthusiasm and kindness of our participants.  This day always reminds us of how incredibly grateful we are to be surrounded by so many amazing people.   And they all show up with a spirit of generosity and fun as we play together to raise funds for specific charitable goals.  This year, we were able to raise over $370 dollars for a local family that experienced health scares all  year - and who regularly inspire kindness and faithfulness to our entire community.

This year, we split up our 24 participants and organized them into eight teams of three for the day.  We gave them all Halloween themed team names (and corresponding face paint and hairspray!) and then dove right into the games for the day.  

After our customary warm-up game of Sloshball (kickball with booze), we follow our list of events and rules throughout the day while scores are doled out for each event to the teams depending on their performance.


We also sprinkle special 'challenge' competitions where each team member can earn a few extra points toward their total score.  We even incorporated the Dizzy Waitress game that made it's viral rounds around the nets this year.  


Now in our eighth year of the Studer's Invitational, it is mostly a self-running entity.  We have enough veteran players that everyone can assist with rule explanations to the newbies on their team, all players and observers come loaded down with food and drinks to share, and all day long we have people step in to help in any way during the day (replacing kegs, refilling toilet paper, cleaning up spills, and any other last minute tasks that come up.

Our favorite part of the day is always is the end of the night Award Ceremony where we hand out our individual awards for participants ranging from Loud Mouth to Teacher's Pet to Crybaby, to Most Valuable Drinker.  And then we end the day with the announcement of team's in their final order.  This year, team Pumpkin were the winners which means they'll have their team name added to our trophy stand and they got the first sips out of our Studer Torpedo.

It was another great year of Beer Olympics fun and another giant reminder that we are surrounded by people who are up for anything and who support our weird big ideas to help others.  Thank you to all of you that help make this day such a success.  we appreciate you all so much!

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