Violet and the adventure baby shoes

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dear Violet,

Last night as we were winding down for bed, your big brother Grey had found one of your tiny sneakers in the big kids' room and set off to your room to put it away.  About ten minutes later, I went in to collect your siblings and found the both of them in the corner of your room organizing baby shoes.

There are two quick things you should know, honey.  First we have a lot of baby shoes because you are blessed to have an older sister, older girl cousins, and a best friend that has passed down their clothes and shoes to you.  Second, you're the third baby which means you rarely ever wear pants, let alone shoes.  (sorry - I promise this will change when you learn how to use your feet, hah)

So anyway, the kids were matching up these little shoes - which had previously been stockpiled in your sock drawer - and also talking about all the occasions on which their baby sister was going to be wearing each pair of shoes.

Greyson:  These shoes are for going to fun places with Gigi and Pappy.  And these shoes are for, ya know, visiting cowboys...?
Gemma (nodding):  mmhmm.  yep.
Greyson:  These shoes, here, are for crawling in our yard, and these ones are for church.
Gemma:  These shoes are for dance parties!
Greyson:  And these ones are for having a sleepover at Abba and Chums - ya know, when she gets bigger and can fit them.
Gemma:  Yea!  And these ones are for the beach
Greyson:  These ones are for walking in the mud.  And these ones are for, like...ya know, going to beautiful places.

I sat in our rocking chair, holding you and listening to your brother and sister going on and on about all the amazing places and things you'll do.  There you were snuggled up in your onesie (no pants!) dreaming the sweet dreams of a baby with a belly full of milk - and their little minds were daydreaming about you and your adventure baby shoes. 

In small moments like last night, I am overcome with gratitude.
Thankful to get to be the mumma to wonderful, imaginative, and funny kids.
So very very grateful that you will always have one another learn from each other stand beside each other go on adventures together

....even to visit with cowboys, 
or go to dance parties, 
and hopefully most of all to go to, 
ya know, beautiful places.  

No matter where your adventure shoes take you in your whole life, Violet girl, know that they can always, always bring you back home.  

we love you, Lettie bug.
forever and ever.
even when you get so big.


  1. "... You know, to visit cowboys"... Oh my gosh! So adorable! I love it.

  2. Well. This is the most precious, beautiful thing ever. xoxo!