The Mom Next Door Series: Chablee J

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our Mom Next Door interview today comes from Chablee, a Mum of two young boys that both arrived after years of waiting and praying for them.  Chablee is a coworker and friend to one of my favorite friends; Taryn.  As a first time expectant Mum herself, Taryn has found inspiration from Chablee's dedication to motherhood, faith, and love.  I am so glad that I have a chance to share her voice here in our series thanks to the suggestion from our mutual friend.

Please read on to learn more about Chablee, her boys, and taking life as it comes one faithful step after another.


Who are you?  My name is Chablee Johnson, I am 37 years young :) I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia but relocated to Pittsburgh 16 ½ years ago when I married my husband (who is a Pittsburgh native). 

Who is in your family?  My husband Joel and I have been married 16 ½ years and we have two little men ~ Breylon; 8 years old and Braxton; 2 years old. Yes, one baby after 8 years of marriage and another after 14 years of marriage!  

Breylon was a beautiful long awaited surprise! Six years later, out of the clear blue sky, we got another surprise! What a blessing he was for us, because 9 days after the birth of Braxton, my dear mother-in-law passed suddenly. What joy and happiness he brought to the family at such a devastating time. 

What do you do for a living?  I am a Business Account Analyst for a Sales & Marketing Agency in Pittsburgh and I also have an event planning business that I run with a partner.

What would your pre-mom self be surprised to know about motherhood? My pre-mom self would be surprised to know, how little sleep you could function “well” on in motherhood. Ha! Also, she would be surprised to know just how much these little perfect gifts from God bring character, fiber, and meaning to your life. You will never understand unconditional love, true sacrifice and genuine patience until you become a mother.

What would your pre-mom self be proud to know about you in motherhood?  My pre-mom self would be proud that I make my babies my priority and never complain about it.

What has become (at least for now) your parenting mantra or guiding principle?  Our first parenting mantra is to continue to lay a solid spiritual foundation for our boys and lead by example, Our second mantra is to raise them as our parents did us ~ “I brought you in this world and I’ll take you out!” – Cliff Huxtable

What big projects, worries, or events have you busy right now?  I am an event planner and love to be involved in Christian ministry activities (, so that keeps me very busy.

What chore is your least favorite? My least favorite chore is cleaning the bathroom. I have boys and they are not the most sanitary! Hubby helps with laundry and cooking, so I have it made!

How do you unwind or recharge?  I re-charge by sleeping, eating a great dinner, and shopping. Not necessarily in that order either!

What keeps you up at night?  Wondering how to continually protect my children from the inevitable, harsh, and cruel world they are going to face and having to train them on how to deal with what they will face is what keeps me up at night.

What do you feel like you are really good at as a mom? The one thing I think I am good at with being a mom is trying to get them to know ALL of their family. Our families are all spread out in the U.S. and I make a serious effort for them to get to visit and know everyone on both sides of their family. 

What do you feel like you wish you were better at being a mom?  I wish I were better at “letting things go” when it comes to my boys, but I use EVERYTHING as a teaching example. My mother calls me “school” (Lol!)  Friends may say, “that’s how boys are” or “that’s what boys do” and while it may be true, Joel and I try not to let that be an excuse for certain behaviors.

Who are the moms you look up to?  I look up to the moms who are complete “Mama Bears”. The moms that teach their children to love God and follow the example Jesus set. I look up to moms that love unapologetically, that become advocates for their babies, that believe in letting their children have a childhood, that believe you can provide for your family and be a good mother! You don’t necessarily have to choose, that one isn’t better than the other. I look up to moms that teach their girls how to be ladies and their boys how to be gentlemen. I look up to mamas like mine!

What was the most difficult Mom moment you've had (so far)? The most difficult mom moments I have are when my children get sick (both have been hospitalized for respiratory issues) or when we have to comfort our older son because of the death of his grandparents.

What is the one "Mom Tip or Trick" that you can share that has made your life easier somehow? The one mom tip or trick that I have come to appreciate that has made my life easier is that nobody’s house is perfect and Rome wasn't built in a day ~ after my second baby, I used to drive myself crazy trying to work full-time and keep up with everything in my house, make a schedule, etc.  I had to learn that it’s okay to yelp for help & it’s okay to sit and enjoy the kids. The dishes and laundry will be there...I was fortunate enough to have my mama stay with me for 3 months after the birth of my boys and what a true blessing that was. It gave me time to heal, enjoy the baby and get my sea legs.

What are the small joys of being a Mom that you treasure most right now? The small joys I treasure now are the love & compassion my boys display. Hearing their conversations & interaction with each other at such a young age and having them run and jump to hug and kiss us when we walk in the door or first wake up in the morning. PRICELESS.

What do you miss most from Mom days already gone by? The thing I miss most from Mom days already gone by is not capturing enough photos and videos of crawls, hugs, kisses, laughs, etc. It goes by so extremely fast, I wish I would have taken more… I was too busy soaking it all in! I also miss the smell of a new baby, nothing like it!!!

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