thank YOU thursday: Jamie A

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dear Jamie,

In real life we've met like, what? two times maybe?

We met through work, both project managers and so most of our initial conversations began via phone and instant messaging.  We spoke mostly in hilarious hashtags while I checked that I was on mute 64 times during our con calls because I was usually cracking up so loud.  We were hashtagging before everyone was doing it; before it was like a real thing.

Then you left work.  Then I left work.  And really, where would this friendship have to go?

But our friendship did have somewhere to go.  Because we live in the age of the internet. And, Jamie A, you have become my internet guide to happiness and inspiration.

Maybe that's weird to say and doesn't seem like an actual thing.  But I think that your role as wise internet guide is massively important in my creative life.  And go figure, my creative life is enormously important to my everyday life.

There is so much junk and garbage and mindless scrolling possible in the age of the internet.  But then my internet guide of happiness and inspiration (read:  that's you) steps in with these hidden gems to remind me why having access to all of the world's knowledge can be so wonderful.

You introduce me to funny stuff (Honest Toddler), beautiful passages about being a Mom that stick with me long after reading them (The Sweet Spot), and inspiration that calls me to action (Robyn's story, thus leading me to mine)

And not only do you send out these small gifts back from your adventures in internetland, but you also encourage and support me in my own small village of the web.  You comment on my statuses with "I can't wait to say I knew you when!" and you send me links to register for online writing courses for moms.

Jamie A, seriously.  thank you.

Your pinboards, random emails with a shirtless Joe Manganiello, and sharing of inspirational blog posts have a true and impactful effect on my creativity.  The internet was created with the assumption that there are people like you out there that make sure others can find the good and inspiring in a sea of questionable content.



  1. You, Tabitha, are mine :) We've never met in real life and I have only gotten up the nerve to email you once. Still, I look forward to your posts and your motherhood inspiration. Thank you for being you :)

    1. Eek! Cassie, thank you so much; I'm blushing! Thank you for reading and thank you for that sweet compliment. You just brightened my Friday. Honestly xxox