we're growing

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spoiler alert:  by the end of September, we will be bigger by one tiny human!

Yep!  I am currently growing a new little Studerbaby and our whole Studer zoo crew is overjoyed!  Brandon and I have this strange contradictory feeling that we kind of know what we're doing (being two kids in and all) and yet this abyssal fear that everything is about to be drastically new and impossible to manage with an official outnumbering.  Grey has been very sweet and caring, especially if I tell him that the baby is making me feel sleepy.  And Gem's favorite thing on the planet is babies - so she is already practicing intensely on being a little mumma herself.

We found out in mid January - actually Bullet was the first to give us an inkling as he became weirdly attached to my side and after two years of sleeping under our bed at night is now persistent at sleeping on the bed at my feet.  No matter how many times we kick him off, he comes back up while we're sleeping and that's where we find him in the morning.

after a night of bad dreams = EVERYONE is in our bed!?!!
We were planning on keeping it a secret until we had our whole family over for dinner one Sunday and Gigi joked that she thought we were bringing everyone together to announce a new baby, everyone laughed and then I got visibly awkward and weird and my Mum was like, 'wait....are you?' and I was like, "um....uh, what?  I don't understand the question."  worst.secret.keeper.ever.

So our family has been keeping it under wraps for the past two and a half months with us (good job family!  Love you!!).  We finally made it 'facebook official' (that's a real thing in today's day and age; insanity) last Friday on my 12 week date.  And now with this post - the cat is officially out of all the bags!

Being pregnant the third time around has been interesting.  I unconsciously compare how I feel this time to the two times before - sort of like a barometer for everything ranging from which gender this babe might be to how pregnancy differs with each subsequent child.

Just like the first two, I'm thirsty for milk and I have heartburn.  Unlike the first two, I have absolutely no interest in drinking coffee (wah!) and I am dead tired.  Like falling asleep while standing up tired.  It's ridiculous and part of the reason my blog posts have been so far between (sorry).  I just cannot get it together.  I'm hoping now that the first trimester is coming to a close that I'll get a little boost in my step, because this has seriously been ridiculous.

I've even googled multiple times "third pregnancy exhaustion" just to make sure something wasn't weird.  Newsflash - it ain't.  Apparently you're more tired because, go figure - you already have wild babies to take care of on top of another little bean sucking all of your life force out of you to ya know, grow into a real live human.  hah!  And I'm pretty sure my body is just like, "Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?"

I have been resting and taking it easy waaaaaaaaaaay better than I did with my first two pregnancies as well - which feels horribly inefficient but also a relief to just do what my body asks without fighting it every step of the way.  I'm asleep before 9pm almost every night.

This will be my first summer pregnancy which despite everyone's warnings - still seems exciting and fun (talk to me again in July, right?)  For now, we are relaxing and doing a lot of talking to and about the baby.  The kids know that we'll have a new baby by Halloween (which could be 7 years from now for all they understand about time, HAH).  And at least once a day they ask to talk to the baby and say strange things to him/her like "Do you have a blankie and pillow in there, baby?"  or "we ate pizza today, baby"

The only thing I'm sure of right now is that this baby is seriously loved.  We are so blessed.


  1. Congratulations!!!! I will enjoy following along via your blog.:-)

  2. Again, so so so happy for you and your little family. The jump from two to three is killer for a little while, then great, then killer and then great. I'm in "great" right now, and I'm just enjoying it before we reach "killer" again! ;) Your littles love each other so much, and you and Brandon are such a good team, it's going to be awesome!!! I can't wait to find out if it's a brother or a sister. Aww! :) Love & hugs, my friend!!!

  3. Congrats! Hopefully a the beginnong of November my family will be going from 3 to 4! No ultrasound yet but positive hpts aplenty!

  4. Congratulations Tab and Brandon! So exciting for your little family and looking at your picture on here with Grey you already have a beautiful glow! Best wishes for a wonderful pregnancy!

  5. Thank you all so much for your well wishes. We are really excited and a little scared too. HAH. We know it will just be more crazy and more awesome - so bring it on!

  6. YAY!!!!! Congrats! Many blessings to you guys. Can't wait to see pictures of the little bundle of cuteness! =)