a short letter about your Uncle Jonny

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dear kids,

The legend goes, when Dadda was in high school, he attended a basketball camp where one afternoon upon returning to his room from practice, he found a stranger eating his food.  They smart mouthed each other for a few minutes and then somehow -in the way the universe weaves magic- they eventually ended up going to college together, playing on the same team, and becoming best men at each other's wedding.  We had a baby boy and that food-stealing, smart mouth man became our child's godfather.

And that's the brief history of how 'Koch' came to be your Uncle Jonny.

May 2007
Right now in time, as you are very young, Uncle Jonny is staying with us a few nights a week because he is working in town.  Grey - you like to say that he's 'having a sleepover,' because that's what it feels like when he's here:  fun!  Generally, after stepping foot in the house, he has one (or both) of you draped over him while he spends his evenings laughing about all the cute and weird things that either of you do.

Somehow Uncle Jonny staying with us is not weird at all since we all laugh at the same jokes, and like the same food, and we all have a place for Bullet and Trixie in our hearts (even though they snuggle too much and have stinky farts).  The only way it could be anymore fun is if Aunt Ninny was here too (do I have to bring up sister wives again, Nin?  hehhe - but not kidding).

The other day at dinner I was joking that I'd love to be a daddy (since Dad usually gets all sorts of fun and I -the Mumma - usually tackle the task of setting rules).  I said something like, 'oh to be a Daddy; best job in the world.'  And Uncle Jonny laughed out loud and said, 'Uncle Jonny ain't so bad of a job either.'  When he said that, you were sitting on his lap, Gem, and he tried to make it sound like a joke - but because I know him well enough - I could hear the love and honesty hidden between the lines.  It would be impossible to tell you, what it means as a Mum to know that other people truly love you; my babies.

The universe may have brought Dad and Uncle Jonny together - but know, my darlings, that we have kept him close on purpose, because your Uncle Jonny is one of the good guys.

Grey, he has your back now and always will.  If there is anything that you ever need help with and are too embarrassed to come to Dad for, let Uncle Jonny be the first place you turn.  He's the sort of guy that drops whatever he's doing at 11p and drives two hours to help track a deer (actually he's done that for Dad once).  If you need him - Uncle Jonny will be there, no questions asked.

And Gemma, sweet Gemma - I'm already sorry for your future dates, honey.  Not only because Dad and Uncle Jonny will be standing at the door (and Uncle Juice, I'm sure), but also because your future boyfriends have some impossibly big shoes to fill as you have been blessed with examples of good men in your life.

For your whole life, my babies, please keep your hearts open to accept the people that the universe places in your path.  You never can tell when someone might just come into your life and take up residence (both literally and figuratively).

The point of this story, my darlings, is to remind you that blood is not the only thing that makes family and you are so lucky to have Uncle Jonny and Ninna as your family.

I love you forever and ever, 

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