thank YOU! Thursdays: Someone you could never thank enough

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dear Mum,
There is not enough words in my brain to be able to say thank you to you; my mumma.  I've always been grateful that somehow I was dealt the supreme gift of getting you as a mother, but I think women worldwide would agree that it takes being a mother yourself to really recognize the depth of gratitude for a mom.  You know how sometimes when we are at your house and I will say to Grey, "This is MY Mumma" and I point to you...the truth is that it is almost too much for me to get that out without crying.  You're my mum which means a part of me is still a child; a part of me knows that when the going gets too tough, I have someone who will put my needs above her own without hesitation.

As a mumma myself, all day long I do things for my kids; mundane things like wiping their noses and asking them if they have poop in their pants.  I do annoying things like scrub marker off the wall and change their bed sheets.  I do scary and hard things like cut their nails from their squirmy hands and stand outside their bedroom doors while they're crying because its naptime.  I do things that make my heart feel like it will burst like hold them in my arms while they sleep and give them a million kisses because they just woke up and are feeling especially loving...and with every single one of these things I do as a mom every day I think, "someone used to do this for me."  That was you.  And I know I will be spending the rest of my children's lives; with each new age and stage, remembering how you were always there for me; pushing me to be the best version of myself with both tender and tough love when I needed it.  And because I want the best for my kids, truly know that as I raise my own, I will be copying you.

I love you more mumma,

photo credit:  Michelle Misner Photography

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I cried as I read it thinking about my Mom and my kids. You have inspired me to write my Mom a thank you letter. With Mother's Day soon approaching I find it to be perfect timing!
    Thanks again!

  2. You're fantastic and this is fantastic. Resonates with me as I was blessed to be given to a mOm like yours. Thanks for writing this. ❤️