12 months of dates: February & March

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Even with the addition of a new babe, Brandon and I are still holding ourselves to our 12 months of dates gift that we got each other for Christmas.  You can read more about it here, but the gist is that we each took 6 months and pre-planned a date night, even going so far as to include money/gift cards and any other supplies needed for the dates.  They are a total surprise to the non-planner, so it has been fun to open them up on the first of each month for a little surprise.  Granted, it has been a little more hectic with our expanded family, including an infant- but we're sticking to it.  Here's the recap for the past 2 months. 

February (Brandon):  His date night detailed a game night in for the two of us while our babies slept soundly in their beds like we used to have in which we flirtatiously play each other in Wii bowling or have ridiculous games of Scrabble in which I try to use famous people's names as words...ya know, before taking on 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats that all make us fall asleep with our mouths open on the couch before 9:30p every night.  However, we had a little unforeseen situation when I had to go back to the hospital after Gemma's birth...therefore, Brandon had to flex his creative muscles to think of a way to make it work.  

So on the last day of February, he and Grey showed up at my hospital room with a bag full of goodies (candy and popcorn) and one of my favorite movies (For Richer or Poorer) and orchestrated a movie night-in for the four of us.  We popped that VHS in (oh yes, I said VHS) and all sat back and semi-enjoyed the evening.  Gem slept, Grey whined and ran around the room looking for things to break, Brandon attempted to wrestle Booboo into laying down and being quiet, and I laughed hysterically...because that movie is seriously funny.  So even though our 12 months of dates specifically mention that no kids be present - we made due with what we were capable of at the time.  Near the end of the movie, we did end up with two sleeping kids, two parents whisper-laughing, and my IV drip beeping quietly in the background....we're calling it a success.

March (Tab):  Since we planned these dates in December, when I was about 8 months pregnant and really aching to chug a beer (hah!), I planned our March date with the thought in my mind that I'd be back in the position to enjoy a long awaited brew again.  I also considered that we'd both have March madness polls completed - so I threw that in the mix as well.  Thus was born our March date:  Appetizers & drinks at a local bar/restaurant during the March Madness tournament.  We dropped off the kids with Gigi & Pappy Butch (Brandon's parents) and took three hours to ourselves to laugh, and eat good food we didn't make, and drink beer of course.  Neither of us were very invested in the tournament games, considering our polls had all but been a crapshoot at that point (mine mostly because I pick winners based off of the team color combos I like best), but it was a nice little break from talking about baby poop and fishing Greyson's hockey balls out from under the couch.  (thank you to Gigi & Pappy butch for being on babysitting duty!)  We didn't have to be back in 3 hours, but after our bellies were full of cheesy dips and yeasty beer, we were ready to head back and kiss our little munchkins and take a family nap.  

Unfortunately no pictures were taken during this date because I was too busy enjoying greasy food and staring my husband's cute face.  oops.

On to our April date...which is Brandon's month and I know what it is...but I'll keep it a secret until we do it.  I'll give you a hint though:  it involves firearms.  :)


  1. This is an awesome idea!

  2. What a great christmas gift, im going to ask for something like this for mothers day. you have such a cute and wholesome family :). i love it!