oh no we didn't...part II

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I have been delaying this post for about a week or so until we notified our closest family and friends of the news first.  And now that just about everyone who needs to know first knows...we're ready to share the news that will probably make you all smack your foreheads and say, "are they insane?  seriously."

cause we got a puppy.

as in now we have 2 dogs
and 2 cats
and 4 fish
and a toddler
and i'm due with our second child in a month

let's just take a moment for you all to sit wide-eyed and in utter disbelief for a few seconds...because that's what anyone we've told already has done...with maybe an addition of a few choice words thrown into the sentence "are you ______(choose your expletive) kidding me?!"

Okay, now that we're all up to speed, let me tell you a little bit about what happened that would make my husband and I appear to have lost our flipping minds...

Last Friday (as in the first Friday of the month), after hearing about a l3 week old brindle pit-lab that was going to be taken to the pound unless someone could take her that day - Brandon and I conversed over text messages (hah, how official of us) and decided that we'd take her with the safety net that if it didn't work out (ie. Bullet went totally crazy, Booboo was in danger, we couldn't handle her, etc) we had someone else that would be able to adopt her after about 2 weeks when they moved into their new house.

So, after picking the pup up after work, we spent Friday evening introducing her to the already crazy house that we live in.

After a slightly anxiety-ridden first meeting of Bullet and the new puppy - in which Bullet followed her around and sniffed her an impossible number of times - it was clear that Bully boy was quickly falling in love with having a friend.  It was also clear that Greyson was quickly coming to think that we had somehow cloned Bullet and made him a "baby puppy."

So we've had her for about a week and half and Brandon and I have discussed and discussed and discussed again the pros & cons of keeping our new girl around the place.  (To try to win me over, Brandon also threw in the mix, "Think of the kindness, we've saved her life.  That's not 12 months of kindness, that's like 15 years of kindness")

So it seems that the fact that Bullet has become completely enamored with her - to the point that they just play together until they are both exhausted - has outweighed any of the Cons on our list.  Because, honestly, Bully has been a handfull since we've had him (to say the least) and the majority reason for that has been that we just can't get him tired and his pent up energy has meant chewed toilet paper rolls and pillows, stealing things that he knows he's not supposed to have, jumping on anyone when they walk in the door, and a whole pile of annoying Bully-traits.

And now that he has someone in his life that is ready to run and play-fight and steal his bones and snuggle up close to him...he has had a transformation in the last few days that we have been hoping for since we first adopted him.

So, even though we may have truthfully lost our minds
and even though everyone else may or may not think we need to get our own episode on animal hoarders

The truth is:  Trixie (or "Chicky" as Grey calls her) has kind of weaseled her way into all our hearts - most of all Bullet's...and we've decided that we're just going to go ahead and dive headfirst into full on circus-style living.*

*let's revisit this in about 2 months when I'm home alone with 2 babies and 2 dogs...I fully anticipate that I may just very well be singing a different tune.


  1. as a house with three adopted/rescue dogs, a husky-lab, a bully-alaunt, and a chihuahua-pom, plus a recent wandered in kitten that kept the dogs in line... plus a toddler, and another kid before too long... I LOVE THIS!!!
    People think I am crazy for having this many pets, besides them being large 'non-kid-friendly' ... it works, and we love it, I'm glad you do too

  2. Oh my goodness those pictures are adorable! Especially the one with the big and little dog over the bowl! I love it! Congrats on the new dog!

  3. I think you are fantastic, not crazy. That's a lot of love going on there and some absolutely adorable photo opportunities ;0). Just think, when you're busy with the baby, the dogs will be busy with each other. Hooray!

  4. I totally understand. My dog is much better behaved when he is a part of a pack. Plus, I think Trixie might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  5. She is adorable! It almost makes me want to find a sister for Bauer. Almost :) Good luck!