Monday, January 2, 2012

We celebrated our wedding anniversary this October.  We've only been married for 3 years, but we've been together and shared so much that I'm going to run some numbers by you...

Brandon & Tab; our shared life in numbers

years married:  3 (October 2011)
'newlyweds for:' 1171 days (says our wedding 'knot page')

years together:  12 (December 2011)

ages when we had our first date (homecoming dance): 16 (tab) and 14 (brandon)
(marianne, God bless you for letting him go with me.  seriously.  hahha, cringing about Greyson's future.)

#of high school proms we attended together (oh yea, I went there): 4
Prom 2000
difference of our ages: 14 months (tab's older)
years we maintained a long distance relationship: 6
longest distance separating us:  2148 miles (while B played a basketball tournament in AZ while I lived in Brooklyn, NY)
the night they spent their entire meal allowance on drinks
2nd longest distance separating us:  2111 miles (while I studied abroad in Costa Rica and Brandon was at college in Washpa)

surfing with Meg in Jaco (hi, Meg!)
longest distance for longest period of time: 321 miles for 2 years (while B finished college & I taught in Brooklyn, NY)

engagement period: 2 years

photo credit:  Hourglass Photography
#of bridal party attendants: 22

photo credit:  Michelle Misner
#of wedding guests:  431
photo credit:  Michelle Misner

population for the smallest place we've ever lived together: 6271 (Punxsutawney, PA)

population for the largest place we've ever lived together: 279,179 (Erie, PA)
#of shared homes: 5
#of times our fish have moved: 9

#of cars we've owned: 4

longest distance traveled together for vacation:  8697 miles (Thailand 2011)

2nd longest distance traveled together for vacation:  4661 miles (Hawaii 2009)

#of countries abroad visited together:  3
Negril, Jamaica
#of pets: 7  (1 dog, 2 cats, 4 fish)
#of kids: 1 (20 months) and 1 'cooking' (due Feb. 2012)
photo credit:  Hourglass Photography
#of godchildren: 1, our precious girl; Mallory Lauren

#of times Tab made Brandon tear down an entire wall in a house:  2

estimate #of times Bullets gets the shock collar daily: 8
frequency that Tab asks Brandon, "keys, wallet, cellphone?": 365 times a year
#of dead animals Brandon has brought through the house to butcher during hunting/fishing season:  1 catfish, 1 turkey, 1 doe, and too many to count steelhead & trout

#of years we've done 12 months of kindness together: 3
#of times we've used our turkey roast pan since our wedding: 1
#of real Christmas trees we've decorated together: 3

Being married has not been all romantic dates or even falling asleep in each others arms.  It has been nothing like we used to imagine it would be when we were passing notes in the halls.  One day our baby learns to walk, the next he busted his face open.  One day we taught our dog to roll-over, the next we're chasing him through the yard to keep him away from the UPS man.  One day we got a refund check from the insurance company, the next we overdraw on our checking account.  One day we eat roast from the slow cooker, the next we sit in front of the tv while eating cereal for dinner.  One anniversary we're getting a couples massage to celebrate, the next we're barely staying awake while eating at Chili's before I'm sleeping in the car on the drive home.  We never know what is going to happen or how hard we're going to have to try, or how many times Brandon will continue to load the dishwasher the wrong way (hahh, kidding.  kind of, but seriously?).  Sometimes our life is so joyful that the only face that will reflect how happy I am is his.  And sometimes it is so challenging that when I look at him there is nothing but gratitude to know that I don't have to live this life myself.

But, Brandon,  its always your face.  it's always me&you.  and for that being married to you has trumped everything else.

our 3 year anniversary dinner


  1. Loved this post Tab! Its such a fun look back and a beautiful way to look at your time as a couple. I totally agree with the end part- its not at all what people think and in many ways I think its better!

  2. I adore the high school pictures of you guys! You are so lucky to have saved all those memories. Thanks for sharing!