Guess who is still pregnant?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Well.  it's been a week since my proclamation that my dogs are trying to break the human-animal language barrier to warn me our daughter is preparing to be born.  A week sprinkled with energy bursts, fatigue, extreme heartburn, one nosebleed, a whole lot of sporadic cramps.  Alas, no baby, yet.

we are at 37 weeks & 6 days.  Let the counting down begin.  for reals.


  1. Ugh, that's a tough week to get through. My sister is due any day now. She's at 39 weeks and this is the longest she has ever carried a baby (this is her 6th). My good friend is also due any day with her second. Fun times! What happened 9/10 months ago? Did someone sprinkle baby dust all over the place and just passed over my house?

  2. Hang in there! One thing for sure----it won't be long now. Before you know it, you'll be holding that precious little one in your arms. :-)

    I always thought human pregnancies are about one month too long.