The Very Social Butterfly: Greyson edition

Monday, December 12, 2011

At 20 months, my little man is very interested in spending time with "kids."  He loves being around other kids, especially "big boys" because he wants to be big (and fast) just like them.  I try my best to set up opportunities for him to socialize with other kids and we've had a ton of fun excursions over the past few weeks.  

Greyson and Sophia (Pia) went to their first movie together (as in movie theater!!).  We went to see Puss in Boots and despite the fact that we were 15 minutes late (my fault - no surprise) and despite the fact we were in the wrong movie theater for another 20 minutes, they still did pretty good.  I am lucky to have a friend like Kate that will brave a movie theater with me and our toddlers:)

After the movie, we got to have pizza at Pia's house with her big "brother" Cloud - which Greyson absolutely loved.  Cloud was so patient with Grey while they played basketball and Grey still says, "Cloud, Booboo, Booyah?" occasionally when we talk about Pia's house.  

Then a few weeks ago, Greyson I shared a lunch date with my Mom's meetup group for a Teddy Bear picnic.  It was only my second meetup with the group (the first was a trip to the Somerset Volunteer Fire Department) and it was enjoyable and fun.  Grey was so happy to have Maxie join us for lunch and he fell sort of in love with another little girl's teddy bear too.  We had lunch and got teddy bear themed surprises and even heard some teddy bear poems.  Some of the other moms had little baby brothers & sisters with them and Grey was very sweet to the babies (yay for Gemma!)

Then after Thanksgiving, Grey spent the evening entertaining his cousins (from the Adams side) over at our Aunt Dar's house.  Grey was happy to enlist everyone into playing with a train set, making them perform the scorpion move, and showing off his dance talents when it was time for Wii Dance. 

Some days, we just need to meet Kate & Pia out for brunch for the mommas sake.  Built-in toddler social events are a plus to chowing down on good food and catching up with grown-ups. 

A few days ago we were lucky to host our cousins, Stef (Tete), Mallory (Mawee), and Hunter (Baby Unter) at our house for an afternoon playdate.  I was so glad to be able to talk with Stef (about how it is dealing with double children) and Grey loved playing with Mallory and petting Baby Hunter's face.  

Grey was also able to experience some firsts during that visit.  Which included first sneak-behind-Mum's-back-to-steal-candy-from-the-jar-by-way-of-the-time-out-stool

And his first wrestling match with an opponent his own size...even if his opponent was playing blocks nicely just before the attack, and didn't want to wrestle, and was a girl.  (In case you're concerned:  Mallory totally took it like a champ and just tried to escape while her mom and godmomma frantically searched for our phones to videotape it while giggling hysterically).
i have no idea where he learned the sleeper hold.  seriously, is it innate knowledge to males?
Regardless of how much mischief they cause, you can't deny that our children look like angels.  

It's so important to keep Booboo socialized with other kid humans because his best friend continues to be Bullet.  And when the two of them are together, it usually makes hard times for the mumma, like when they do things like this:

you may or may not be surprised to discover that in situations like these, it is almost ALWAYS Grey who started it

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