Thursday, December 1, 2011

We have been taking Greyson to gymnastics class at Uzelac gym for about 15 weeks now.  Only since yesterday has he started calling it "Nackies" which is the most hilarious thing on the planet.  He is in a class of 5 other kids (3 girls, 1 boy, and himself) on Wednesday evenings.  I knew it would be a good way to release some energy during the cold months and that it wouldn't hurt for the kid to learn some balance and body control.  What I hadn't expected was how much he'd be learning about following directions and taking turns.  It has been a great first step to learning about listening to a teacher/coach.  Granted, every Wednesday Booboo is just about the 'worst kid in the class,' but he is making slow progress on trying his best.  

Each week we practice different gymnastics events like the floor, the bars, the beam, and sometimes the trampoline.  But Booboo's favorite event is the block pit that is literally a giant pit filled with foam blocks that he gets tossed into from high up.  This pit was also where I learned early on that a pregnant momma should not try to get in and out of it.  It was a disaster and a fellow gym dad had to pull my pregnant belly out of there.  Since then, Chum, Pap Pap, and Daddy have been at gymnastics to help Booboo try his best.  Only the past few weeks have I stepped in again and helped him with all his events...except for the block pit.  (shout out to the other gym moms & dads & Coach Cindy for taking care of Grey in the block pit!)

this is called "Possum" and Greyson hates it

hanging like a monkey is okay with Grey

Besides excelling at his block pit launches, Grey also has learned to do a front roll and a move we like to call "Scorpion."  He does the Scorpion about 35 times a day at random times and asks anyone present to join him in the Scorpion move.   The following picture is the best picture I could snap of the Scorpion, considering it comes on in seconds and his decision for Scorpion placement around the house is sporadic.  It does show the elevation of the back leg which is monument to the pose.

"Nackies" has been a nice break in the week for both of us and Grey also gets to see alpacas.  I know, everywhere we go there are alpacas...its strange.  They are still his #1 animal (besides Maxie of course).  So on the way to gymnastics, Grey says:

Translation:  If Booboo tries his best, we can see alpacas at gymnastics?

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