Dining room transformation Part Deux

Saturday, December 3, 2011

When we last left off at the Dining Room transformation (part une), our dining room had been upgraded with new wall paint, wainscoting, bamboo flooring, and our new dining set.  Or, more simply, it looked like this:

Soon after, I got to hanging pictures on the wall to spruce 'er up a bit while Brandon and my dad got to work on the built-ins to plank the window.  I have a thing for built-ins (much like my thing for chair rails and bunk beds), but not only do I think they are beautiful - but practical too.  so, double bonus.  We received so many beautiful dishes and platters for our wedding that have been hiding in cupboards for three years.  So it was high time those babies got out of the darkness.

Because my dad and Brandon are so handy, they made our custom built-ins themselves and painted them to match the wainscoting.  The back panel of the built-ins are actually floor to ceiling wainscoting - as are the front cabinet doors.

With some maneuvering, the men got the built-ins shimmied into their spots (they were perfect!) and then it was up to me to place and organize the shelves.  The shelves are filled with wedding gifts, things I think are beautiful,  and hand-me-downs (from my Grandma). The cupboards hold the things that didn't fit on the shelves or are a little less pretty when not in used (think cloth napkins & booboo's placemats).

I'm in love with the built-ins.  that's really all there is to say about that.  and I couldn't be more grateful to Dad and Brand for taking the time & effort to get them made and installed.  I am one lucky lady.

Here are my beauties ready for the holiday season:


In preparation for the cold season, we installed a curtain rod above the doors leading to the patio and threw some maroon curtains (left over from our previous house) in an effort to keep the cold out.  These particular curtains aren't permanent, but considering they are thermal and in the same color family as our room - they'll definitely pass for the winter.  

One of our last tasks, that took forevvver to finish, was to install a new light fixture.  The room had a ceiling fan which wasn't horrible, but for a dining room just didn't fly with me.  So after a very long searching process that we took anything from this to this  to this into consideration. We finally settled for an industrial looking light fixture that we actually found at Lowes!

As a quick reminder of what the room originally looked like:
hi bullet.

And how she looks today (a semi-final reveal since we still need to finish the closet/bar):

excuse the unfinished closet/bar

curtains open to patio
I really love our dining room and I am so glad that it is one that gets used often.  Grey and I eat three meals a day together at the table and as mentioned here, I do most of my blogging from this room.  Although we still have the closet to finish, the dining room is really a key setting for a large part of our day.  and it is so pretty that it makes me happy.


  1. that transformation is seriously unbelievable. i can't believe that is the same room i first broke into? :) but for real, it's beautiful.

  2. I am in love with your dining room. Love the built-ins!