Steve&Megan; aka Dad &Mum go to Indianapolis

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We kicked off our wedding season this year with a road trip to Indianapolis to celebrate the wedding of our friend Steve to his new wife, Megan.  Brandon and Steve worked together a few years ago, so it was so nice to get to spend the weekend with him during such a momentous occasion.  My mom & Fran came up that weekend to stay with booboo (hi, mum!  thank you!) while Bud and I made the 6.5 hour drive to Indianapolis.  Hooray for mum&dad alone time...even if it is in a car.

3 hours into the drive

going a little wackadoo

5 and a half hours into the drive...showing off my newly painted fingernails:)

 We made it into Indianapolis just in time for the 2p rehearsal.  So Brandon dropped me and the car off at our hotel and made the trek over to the rehearsal while I was going to change out of my comfy driving clothes and into a little more "smart casual" appropriate:)  I ironed Brandon's shirt, turned on the curling iron and went to slip into my dress...when (after 6.5 hours) I finally realized I had left both of my dresses hanging up in my ERie.  packing fail. 

Luckily, we had a mall attached to our hotel, so I did a really efficient trip to H&M and picked up a new dress (and of course matching shoes) and was ready by the time Brandon got back at 3:30p.  We had a great time at a wine bar and then super yummy bbq at the rehearsal.  Brandon had a whooping good time with the other groomsmen after dinner while I enjoyed some mummie time off in the hotel crying over the royal wedding highlights on CNN.  loser?  i like to think not.

On Saturday, Brandon went on a tour around Indianapolis in a giant chicken, I made another trip to the mall for a wedding dress from Express (and matching jewelry this time -Forever21), and then we met back up again at the wedding.  The ceremony & reception were at the Mavris Arts & Events Center which was beautiful. 

cake cutting:)
Mavris reception room
  Steve had a great idea to get all of the groomsmen their own "signature" vest for the reception.  They each wore a traditional vest & tie for the ceremony, but afterwards they donned their own vests depending on their personality.  Now that Bud had a Mossy Oak camo vest and bowtie for keeps, he claims its going to be his go-to wedding attire for all future weddings.  (sorry, friends)

Groom & Groomsman
speciality vests!  Golfer, UK flag, Mossy Oak camo

Congratulations Megan & Steve!

We had a great time dancing, enjoying the outdoor patio, chocolate fountain (!!), and taking hilarious pictures in the photo booth.  It was a great time and so nice to get away, just the two of us.

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