no, seriously you guys!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I pride myself on being the mom that puts her kid in time out when he plays in the dog dish
and then one that says you're okay, get up, you can do it when Greyson gets knocked over by Bullet
and says, its okay, he'll have worse pain in his life than this  when the nurses apologize for 20 minutes after giving him his vaccinations

I'm a tough love kind of mom because I want Grey to be confident and strong.  I want him to persevere and try, try again.  I want him to make the right choice when it comes to right & wrong.

But as of lately, he's been giving me these faces...

And I can hardly hold back a smile while saying do not put that muffin into Bullet's mouth, it's not Bullet's, its yours

I'm turning into a softie because my kid's face is so damn cute. 

Dear Future girlfriends,
you don't stand a freaking chance. 
I'm just sayin..
greyson's mom

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