Color Bins

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Since Grey has become more observant, we've started to practice colors in our house.  I saw this ingenius idea on a website for practicing colors.  Grey is still a little young to totally get the concept of colors, but we're practicing anyway.  Our first color to practice is blue for two reasons; first - grey is a pro at the [b] sound thanks to "bullet," "ball," and "bubba." So I figure "blue" isn't too far off.  Second - we have tons of blue stuff all over our house since blue is traditionally a "boy" color and it is in high demand in these parts.

To start our study of the color blue (hahhhaha), we collected blue things around the house to put into a bin.  And by "we," I mean me.  So as I was searching around Greyson's room for blue stuff, I made a big fuss about anything that was blue...kind of like this:

Wow, Grey, look a BLUE hat!
(Greyson looks at the hat and raises his eyebrows)
Booboo, look!  A BLUE scarf
(Greyson takes the silkie off of me and rubs his nose with it)
Greyson, look at this - its a BLUE cup!
(Grey makes the sign for drink)
Booboo, wow, I can't believe it - its a BLUE block
(Greyson goes over to get a book out of his case; totally over it)
End lesson.

BLUE collection
 Now that our blue bin is collected, we pull it out occasionally and go through all the BLUE items while we say "BLUE!" (and by we, I mean me) while taking anything out and putting anything back in.  it's crazy fun....i'm kidding.  It's crazy redundant and mind-numbing as most learning with a toddler is. 

Grey also used BLUE crayons to color in a picture of the word BLUE.  Because if it is not obvious enough, I was an ESL teacher and these are the types of kooky things that elementary teachers do. 

before you start thinking my child is the next Picaso - that is my in-the-lines-coloring there.  (cool it, grandmas, heheh)

At some point, we'll move onto other colors, but for now we're happy to learn and point out anything BLUE within eye sight...And I think its pretty obvious how its sinking in.  I mean, could it be any more apparent that my child totally gets what his crazy mum is talking about, right?!

That's right Greyson, You're eating a BLUE crayon!  Crayons aren't for eating, they are for coloring. 
End lesson.

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