Happy Mother Earth day!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

We love us some Earth over here.  I really try to be concious of our impact on the Earth.  We are far from fully eco-friendly, but I try to make an honest effort into our daily life to do what is best for the planet.  It is not a political stance to care about the environment, it is a responsiblity that I truly believe we all have.  This is where we live, and we're not the only species that live here- but no one else makes as much waste as we do and dump it back into the planet.  We watched a movie the other day; The Day the Earth Stood Still...not a great movie, BUT there was one line from it that really stuck in my heart...The alien (ie. Keanu Reeves, duh) who came to Earth to destroy the human race said, "We cannot allow the planet to die because of only one species...if the Earth dies, you die.  If you die, the Earth survives."  Now, don't get me wrong- I am all for the human race surving...duh.  But, honestly- it seems pretty greedy/selfish/lazy/irresponsible to keep pounding the Earth with all our crap.  Just like our homes, the Earth needs a little lovin and upkeep. 

Okay, enough of the ranting and raving...here's what we did on Earth Day to give her some extra lovin'
Gdiapers!  We ordered our first pack of gdiapers today to see if we like them and will make the switch.  Gdiapers are a hybrid diaper of disposable and cloth diapers.  The difference in the disposable part is that the insert is flushable and/or compostable.  Regular disposable diapers don't disintegrate in landfills for 500 YEARS!  Gdiapers compost within 60 days!  They are even compostable in our home compost bin (the wee ones anyway) and the poo ones can be flushed in the toilet!  They're pretty much amazing...you can check them out here:  http://www.gdiapers.com/

No more junk mail!  We logged into DirectMail and removed our names from the national registry for junk mail.  Plus it was free!  You can do it too at:  http://www.directmail.com/directory/mail_preference/

One other thing...there was a really interesting documentary made last year called No Impact Man where a family from NYC lives for a year attempting to have as little impact on the Earth as possible.  Even if you just watch the trailer, I think its pretty inspiring:)  You can watch it and be inspired too here:    http://www.hulu.com/watch/83658/movie-trailers-no-impact-man

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