Bullet becomes a man...'er not

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bullet took a little trip to the Erie Wellness Center to get fixed today!  It was an interesting day being at home and not having to juggle a newborn AND a hyper puppy.  I ate meals without sharing bites; put the toilet paper on the roll instead of the back of the toilet and it wasn't ripped to shreds; I left Grey's binkie wherever I pleased without having it snatched up; the garbarge man came and went without any barking...it was a day that was quiet, calm, and strangely missing something.

We are glad to have that crazy loon back in our house.  We'll see if the operation puts a dent in his crazy antics (probably not)...although the anesthesia hasn't worn off yet, so he's been fairly calm and groggy so far this evening.  Even though our lives would be immensely more sane without him, he's our family and we love him despite all of his madness.

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