Baby (sponge) baths, tummy time, & Bully walks

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh yes, it is all baby- all the time here at the Studer house.  We just can't get enough of baby.  So in order to let you know the kind of adorable cuteness we have to deal with each day; here are some of our favorite baby activities as of late.

Baby baths:  Since Grey still hasn't dropped his belly button cord yet; we are required to do only sponge baths for our little man.  Downside: he hates being undressed because he gets cold.  Upside: he looks so damn cute with his hair freshly washed and fuzzy.
So after we get him all wiped down, we wrap him in a sweet little hooded towel and he looks so sweet that Brandon and I are googoo gaga'ing all over him.  Seriously giddy with baby cuteness.  
Finally, when its time to unwrap him and put on some jammies, we discover why he looked so sneaky while wrapped up.  He left a nice little dump in his towel.  So much for the bath.

Tummy time:  One of my favorite times of day is tummy time because it means two things 1) Greyson is awake and not snoozing for 5 minutes 2) I get to brag to Bullet about how strong and advanced Grey is at the age of 7 days.  HAhaha.  Tummy time is all about letting Grey try to hold his head up and move it from side to side...which he can do...clearly meaning he is advanced for his age.   (hehhe)

Bully walks:  Bullet must have thought it was his lucky day to finally get a walk again after a whole week.  Poor Bully was probably thinking this baby was such a drag- but it was an absolutely beautiful day out today and we were able to take Greyson and Bullet out for a stroll.  Bullet was loving sniffing everything in sight and being is normal, nosy self.  Grey slept the whole time in the stroller, but it felt so good to get some fresh air and move around.  We have been couped up (due to weather and exhaustion) in the house for the past week, so it was a much needed break from the house.  Hopefully with spring in full swing (hehe) we'll be able to make these Bully walks part of our daily routine!

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