Bullet's Valentine's Day Adventure!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Valentines day (& Happy Chinese New Year!) We had a pretty low key Valentines day; B got back from his week long stint in Texas for work late Saturday night so we mostly lounged around all day Sunday trying to stay warm and comfy.  Brandon got cards from me, Lulu, & Jinxy and I made him one of his favorite dinners on Saturday night.  I got a sweet card from B and a real bullet (that said Happy Valentines Day, Mom) from Bullet.  hahha, so clever, Brandon.  Around midday, we headed over to Brown's Farm (part of the Asbury Park complex) and took Bullet on a super long walk through the meadows and woods.  It was snowy but not too cold, so it was really beautiful and enjoyable. 

Bullet loved all the new things to smell and we saw quite a few couples and dog owners with the same Valentines day idea as us.  It was quiet and peaceful walking around and all three of us had a really good time.  We probably walked over a mile and it was a good thing I had strong Bullet to help pull me up some of the time- hahha.  B and I were cracking up and how slow I was moving.  To get me up one hill, Brandon threw a snowball ahead of us and Bullet tried to chase it- thus giving me enough oomph to make it up the hillside.  It was pretty ridiculous...but they say walking is good for the babe:)

When we got back to the house, all three of us passssed out in the living room and then later ordered in from our favorite Chinese restaurant to honor Chinese New Year (year of the tiger!)  It was a low key, but perfect Valentines day.  It was the perfect long walk to tire us all out:)

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